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  1. With the PnP G4 for a Nissan R34 GT-R, does the ECU output the CAN data as setup in the ECU settings to the OEM Nissan Consult plug? or does the ECU only output the CAN data to its own pinout? Essentially what I'm trying to achieve is using the Consult plug to OBD2 adapter cable and using a ELM327 (2.2) read the CAN data off the ECU and let Torque Pro read this. I'm aware the CAN data support is limited with the ELM327/Torque Pro. Christian
  2. Reading on the ECU logging in the help section i can see it has different status for full memory etc. and was wondering if it is a continuous log where old data is automatically replaced/removed? or is that a G4+ feature only?
  3. fakethinkpad

    AFR log

    Thank Adam i appreciate the feedback and kind of suspected that after going through all my logs to be honest. so i went ahead and adjusted the injector deadtimes and adjusted the fueltable and its running much better now, just wasent sure i could trust the afr reading i was getting so its good to have someone confirm that its working as expected.
  4. fakethinkpad

    AFR log

    Hi Adam, Yes the sensor is mounted on the standard downpipe location, i checked the exhaust for leaks before changing the sensor when i had it on a lift and it looked fine. i have attached the map and two logs, feel free to make any adjustments you feel are safe and if you need me to check or do anything specific during logging just shout. Could it be as simple as the sensor being cold at the start? still think it would show more static signal and not fluctuate between 7 and 18 as it does at the beginning but i´m really not one to tell. can understand some basic settings but tables i dont dare changing, just need something i can trust and will get me to a proper mapping session safely. Christian Log_2016-08-12.llg Log 11-08-16 4;53;55 pm.llg 2016-08-11_1.0.pcl
  5. fakethinkpad

    AFR log

    Right so i did some re-wiring and put the wideband on the ECU ground but still i get some weird things going on and what surpriced me the most was as soon as i nudged the throttle it seem to start giving me a better reading but dont know if i trust it enough to be honest,.you can see where i only gave it a few mm of throttle (2-3%) it sorts itself which makes be think that it does have something to do with the ecu after all.. Edit: I also let the wideband startup sequence finish (heat and check) on ignition before starting the engine.
  6. fakethinkpad

    AFR log

    Thanks Scott, could i use the ground pin on the XS loom? prefer keeping it clean and simple and not to mess around with the connector of possible. Christian
  7. fakethinkpad

    AFR log

    wideband ground is wired to the chassi per tuner recommendation. do you mean i should just split/add another sire coming from the wideband + to a Volt input and still keeping it wired to my current ANV2?
  8. fakethinkpad

    AFR log

    Of course, sorry about that, file attached. 2016-08-09_1.0.pcl
  9. fakethinkpad

    AFR log

    Im having some weird fluctuations on my afr value as well, last mapping session above 5k the sensor just decides to cut out (showed fine one moment and the next AFR was 18.1 (max) above 5k rpm, and that sensor was brand new. so the tuner plugged in his external sensor to continue his work and disabled closed loop lambda until i got it replaced. now with a new AEM Uego X-series controller plugged in and adjusting for new injectors im replacing at the same time i still think the AFR is misbehaving. I use the Volt 2 input and have checked everything again and again but dont see anything that could be wrong with the wiring or sensor itself, my values on startup at idle, clearly i dont beleave i could have gotten 2 bad sensors so something else must be at issue.
  10. It seems that way; but thanks a lot for helping out with the diagrams Adam, that helped me getting the light to works, and Scott for support and clarification.
  11. Main board revision is V1.2 im afraid, and i do run the factory fuel pump control (this takes up two Aux?) so i guess im out of options, old G4 does make you feel claustrofobic at times.
  12. Thanks for confirming Scott - is there anything i can use on the board - unfortionatly my PnP ECU dont have Any Aux on the XS loom and if i understand the manual there are no Aux free to use for the R34 GT-R?
  13. Sorry if i wasent clear enough, ill try from scratch; i have a momentary switch that i want to use for Launch Control (press once to activate, press again to de-activate) and i have the function working like your drawing above with the exception of the light. now, the problem being a momentary switch i dont know how to wire the light to go by the active state from the ECU, it would simply blink once when i press the button. Thats why i think there is no way around the fact i need to be using a Aux as the ECU is the only thing that knows the state of the switch (or LC to be specific), lets say i activate LC and turn the car off that would change the LC state to Off when i start it up again. its either that or use a normal rocker switch or am i wrong here? Hope it makes sence, Christian
  14. Thanks Adam, appreciate that very much, much simpler than expected. This solves the normal rocker switch but am i right that the momentary switch would require a Aux channel to control the lightbulb or is there any other way around that? Could i use a Volt input from the +V switch and trigger DI with pullup to the light? or is the Volt input not able to handle 12v?
  15. Can a DI input with pullup resistor ON be used to drive a 12v light (have a 5 pin switch with built in lightbulb)? If so, i also hade a 5 pin momentary switch (for LC) that functions as intended but want to add a light to tell if its active, us this possible? cant figure out how to make it happen using only the DI and i dont see any outputs that might help on the XS loom either. Thanks in advance, Christian
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