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  1. 200hz works just fine, the frequency is the times per second that the duty can be applied, the duty is the percentage of that period that is on.
  2. Yes thats correct, it is effectively ignored if the correct outputs are not configured.
  3. The Plugin does have all the ignitions on the A connector, you will need to change the ignition settings to suit (Direct Spark and Falling Edge) plus adjust the dwell times.
  4. If you have already updated you will be fine, I upgraded over 25 customers to this version before it was pulled, always back up your map before doping firmware updates.
  5. We see lots of wideband controllers here, the worst for sensor failure are AEM, Innovative seem to be better, there is a noticeable difference as you really don't see sensor failing that often on the LINK CAN Lambda, we put the sensor failures down 100% to the heating strategy not shocking the sensor and allowing time for residual water / condensation to be cleared. The other thing is that the AEM sensor supplied with the kit does not appear to be bosch, but although you could argue that is the reason they fail, replacement genuine bosch dont seem to last that long either. That is the main reason we try and get people to buy the Link sensor and we always ask about the placement of their Lambda bung. PLUS you get EGT with the Link CAN Lambda an invaluable device that has saved my customers $1000's in turbo rebuilds.
  6. ClintBHP

    Two questions

    Because your regulator is rising rate the math channel on the Differential fuel pressure will add negative manifold pressures (actual rail pressure 310 as the regulator is reducing the fuel pressure 1:1 to the vacuum.) It will also take away positive pressure, this way the DFP remains a straight line in the ideal world enabling you to spot issues easily, just like Richard did on your log. I can't see the timeframe on that picture and I cant open the log from my phone he size of your feed line may be too large, when the regulator tries to raise the line pressure the volume of fuel the pump needs to change is too much for it to keep up.
  7. The confusion comes from changing a base map to Link CAN Lambda as the ID overhangs from the base setting, would make sense to get PCLink to inherit the correct ID when the settings are changed. The default ID is 950.
  8. The Idle Control Lockout is an adder to the base idle target which now means when warm your car will be e strategy at over 2700rpm, you should set this back and look at why the idle is not coming down, maybe ignition is hanging. Set an Aux out to come on when RPM is over 600 for 30 seconds and use this to trigger the wideband relay.
  9. The CAN Lambda has a default ID of 950, PCLink defaults to setting it up on 1000, but you can change that and it wont take effect until the next reboot of the Lambda, just dont use 1000 or 958.
  10. ClintBHP

    Map switching

    You could simply use a flex fuel sensor which will sense how much methanol is in the fuel and then adjust for you.
  11. ClintBHP

    Map switching

    What are you trying to achieve ?
  12. Your firing order table is set wrong.
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