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  1. ClintBHP

    Menu of options

    One of the great things about Link ECU's is that there are no Licenses, the features can be unlocked by simply upgrading your ECU which most good dealers will facilitate The Atom in particular simply does not have the hardware for more injector drivers on board, however if you want CLL then buy a CANLambda.
  2. ClintBHP

    Atom to run ignition on classic motor

    I have done a few Pintos, Xflow's Lotus and BDA's here in the UK, shout if you need any help.
  3. ClintBHP

    St185 PNP Injector 3 not firing

    If you sure the output is not working I would arrange a return to your dealer, if your in the UK your welcome to send it to us: www.shopbhp.com
  4. ClintBHP

    Power Wiring 2GR-FE G4+ Fury

    For the injector +14v line I take them back into the loom and use a glued heat shrink tyco splice to pull them back to the relay. 5v are fine to splice the same way. the grounds must be run separate to the grounding point on the engine.
  5. ClintBHP

    R53 Mini - Stalling once warm

    Try increasing RPM Lockout under Idle Speed Control.
  6. ClintBHP

    S15 Plugin losing power on cranking

    Try bumping it with one of the laptops with the issue, I bet its fine, will be magnetic interference from the Starter.
  7. ClintBHP

    Y34 Gloria VQ30DET Thunder parallel install issues

    Are you sure your not 360 degrees out ?
  8. ClintBHP

    Shift logestic for air controlled gearbox

    We use resistors, can you post your config an log with gear changes.
  9. ClintBHP

    S15 Plugin losing power on cranking

    Yes I have seen it twice, both times the earths had been spliced into one and were screwed to a poor ground point (one ground point was painted and one was rusty) , supplying battery voltage direct solved the problem.
  10. ClintBHP

    ECU upgrade

    Traction Control is not available on the new Storm. The A Plug is the same with the caveat that ANvolt2 and DI3 are fixed and cannot be used for DI4 and Knock both of which are now available on the second B connector. You can connect the old G4 to the new G4+ software and save the map then download it to the new storm, you will need to recheck all sensors and calibrations but in my experience it pretty much works out the box.
  11. ClintBHP

    S15 Plugin losing power on cranking

    If you have 14v all the time then it much be either an earth issue OR you are inducing too much magnetic noise, a good test for this is to bump start it, if that works then look at the starter.
  12. ClintBHP

    About the mounting position of the IAT sensor

    I put one in the air box and one in the manifold right by the cylinders. I can always see things like intercooler effficiency or heat soak. In the recent years I have moved to Garrett cores and thermodynamic blocking gaskets.
  13. ClintBHP

    G4+ and Thermocouple for EGT

    You need to add a voltage divider I use 2x 4.7k resistors and then run the board from the 12v supply - it take a bit if lineararity out but 1200C is approx 6v.
  14. ClintBHP

    EML legal requirement for MOTs from mid May

    Let me know if we can help further were in the UK 01474 850666