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  1. ClintBHP

    Mixture drifting to rich in idle problem

    Upload the pclr file and a log and we can take a look.
  2. ClintBHP


    The map is preloaded.
  3. ClintBHP

    BMW E36 M50TUB25 plug in. Inj7 and inj8

    No they are not presented on the ECU connector unfortunately.
  4. ClintBHP

    RB25 NEO using Non NEO Link.

    Should be no need to change maps if the vehicle is the same. Do a complete system check before you run, so check every sensor and actuator works. The only thing that may need wiring is the second air temp sensor.
  5. ClintBHP

    Link G4+ Atom 7MGTE Supra mk3

    Wire IGN1 to Coil 1&5 and IGN2 to coil 2&4 and IGN3 to coil 3&6 - the firing order in the configuration tab will tell the ECU which coil to fire. Ground from the Coil can be bound hard to the head / block the ECU does not look for a return signal.
  6. ClintBHP


    Fuel pumps look fine, just check the fuse is man enough. Everything still applies in 6.7 plug in or not we always test ever sensor and actuator.
  7. ClintBHP

    16V 4AGE ITB Headaches...

    We have our early AE86 Electronic dash working by just bridging the input resistor with one of the same value.
  8. ClintBHP

    2 pin ISC solenoid setup ?

    In the Aux Output you can find the valve setup.
  9. ClintBHP

    ExhaustTemp from CAN Lambda possible ?

    You can see the Lambda's temperature in PCLink you just cant use it as a variable.
  10. ClintBHP

    Sequential on 36-1

    The fuel and ignition does not have any checks in it for types of triggers selected - very common. Also very common for the ECU to default into batched/banked mode in the event of Can sync failure, it’s a good strategy as it allows the e give to run on the first turn instead of waiting for 2 revolutions before starting.
  11. ClintBHP

    Sequential on 36-1

    No it still needs a cam sync for this as you get a missing tooth every 360 degrees in the 720 cycle.
  12. ClintBHP

    Ca18det Peak and Hold injector Settings

    No worries Dean
  13. ClintBHP

    E-throttle wiring

    You can indeed, you just need an aux out assigned for it to work, the down side of not having the relay is a bit of safety.
  14. ClintBHP

    Ca18det Peak and Hold injector Settings

    As a general rule the peak current will be around 60% of the total draw in current found in ohms law, this is because we are not actually dealing with resistance but magnetec inductance and the solenoid coil will start making maximum magnetism well before coil saturation however the only way to really tell is to watch it with an oscilloscope. So in your case at 14v the current drawn in ohms law would be 5A like you said so 60% of that will be 3A and the hold current will be 25% of that figure 0.75A and the requirement will rise slightly as fuel pressure rises. So I would try 3A and 0.75A
  15. ClintBHP

    E throttle cl idle control

    I would try changing the 12.4 here to something much lower like 1.5