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  1. No Brianer, the Link CAN Lambda as we have the ability to see the controller status of the sensor, plus the ECU can extend the life of the sensor by many fold due to starting and stopping the heater at the correct times.

  2. Hi Keith, you can get Engine Speed on PID0C and vehicle speed on PID0D for setting the run up via OBD, select the CAN port select user defined, select the highest speed your dyno will read OBD in, usually 500kbs, and then check the ISO 15764-4  checkbox on the right.

  3. MAP is reactive to engine load, just because you put your foot down does not mean the engine is immediately loaded, without seeing your map file I would suggest you work on your Acell fueling, double check the acell load axis is set to TPS.

    As you can see in your log the engine is going very lean.



    Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 21.15.58.png

  4. You can send outputs via CAN (Transmit User Stream)

    How many outputs do you need, you can get rid of the fuel pump speed controller and maybe repurpose the CE Light ? 

  5. 13 hours ago, rtwx said:

    Really glad I checked here 6 months after downloading and updating to 5.6.6; about to plug into a racecar this weekend and do not want this to happen. That would have made my day.

    I install as updates come out so I always have a version to connect to clients cars that don't come from me. I never saw any email saying to not use it, or did I get one and only had a man look...?

    Luckily I checked the Downloads page against my version to see if I had latest, was wondering why I'd have a newer one... and then found this thread. :unsure: Not cool.

    If you have already updated you will be fine, I upgraded over 25 customers to this version before it was pulled, always back up your map before doping firmware updates.


  6. We see lots of wideband controllers here, the worst for sensor failure are AEM, Innovative seem to be better, there is a noticeable difference as you really don't see sensor failing that often on the LINK CAN Lambda, we put the sensor failures down 100% to the heating strategy not shocking the sensor and allowing time for residual water / condensation to be cleared.

    The other thing is that the AEM sensor supplied with the kit does not appear to be bosch, but although you could argue that is the reason they fail, replacement genuine bosch dont seem to last that long either. That is the main reason we try and get people to buy the Link sensor and we always ask about the placement of their Lambda bung.

    PLUS you get EGT with the Link CAN Lambda an invaluable device that has saved my customers $1000's in turbo rebuilds.

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