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  1. I didnt have much time tonight but here are a few ideas: Modeled fuel does not have a master fuel setting because it calculates it from information you enter and it inputs from sensors. A few things I would like you to check: Have you set your base ignition timing with a light? if not you can be injecting at the wrong time as well as sparking at the wrong angle. Your issue is common when the injectors are not as big as you think they are, You can test this by reducing the injector size and % Fuel. I would suggest testing the injectors before going any further, you can check the fuel flow and dead times by using the advanced test on injector 1 and a container with measurement scale (Jug). With the injector pulsewidth being so low 2.3 nearly half of that can be dead time, get it wrong and it make a lot of difference at idle. Your Fuel Pressure is low you log shows 285kPa
  2. Yes sorry was a quick reply to a common problem, didn't spot the VE part, you're at 70% but only 4ms Injector Duration, what size are your primary and secondary injectors, is your pclr file the same as before ?
  3. What is your master Fuel set at ?
  4. Yes is the answer you are looking for, you may also wish to cross reference to the Pin Functions in PCLink for that plug-in as they make more sense when looking at the OE loom. The way I do this is I only take the wires that are needed and terminate into the new header, I then make sure the ECU can see everything I want and then and only then do I remove the wiring I dont need. Did you realise the R34 Neo Plugin is on sale this month? - not a lot of use to you if you have already purchased the Storm.
  5. ClintBHP

    Tomei Rb28 Pro Cams

    BAP/MAP Xover might be best it can use the TPS corrected for barometric pressure up to NASP then swaps to MAP when , but the key is to try is and see if you find you can significantly increase throttle angle and not change cells in the map - i.e. real load changes but ecu load does not detect it creating lean/rich spots and also possibly wrong amounts of ignition. That said your tuner should know all this !
  6. Short answer is yes, it is a quantitative relationship.
  7. I have successfully piggybacked a Monsoon into a GS300 that retains all the original ECU's control of Auto Transmission and ECU. I am now working towards a Manual conversion and a standalone Link ECU with BEAMs support for the dash.
  8. ClintBHP

    Initial set up

    What country are you in, I am sure other dealers would help you, I am a Dealer in the UK and would have no problem helping you even though you did not purchase the ECU through us.
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