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  1. Set an Aux Out as AC Clutch anyway, even though its not connected it should still work for idle up.
  2. The ECU drops out when the starter is engaged. The only way to fix this properly is to use a Digital Input and set up the Hold Relay Circuit with a diode to stop backfeeding, this will stop the ECU dropping offline and also allow the car to start faster. Cut the wire to pin 16 and Wire the Relay side of the wire to a spare Ignition output, set the Ignition output to ECU Hold Power. Cut the wire to pin Pin 45 and connect the relay side of the wire to a Digital Input and ALSO connect this to the Cathode of an IN4007 Diode, The Anode side of the Diode connect to the wire on Pin 49, set the Digital Input to IGN Switch.
  3. Use Differential Fuel Pressure if the static fuel pressure is 350kpa then set the GP RPM limit if differential fuel pressure drops below 340kpa. You can also get quite clever by using a 4D table with the axis set to differential fuel pressure and then add the amount of fuel into the table that the difference in required pressure and actual pressure would require, then set the trip on injector duty cycle. (Closed loop lambda as a trim would also help here too if you kept it enabled at high revs) The think with the Link is that it is incredibly flexible to set quite clever strategies up.
  4. Your sync (cam) trigger is on top of a crank trigger on the 3rd pulse, a workaround to this is to set the cam trigger up as a Hall Sensor, Pullup Off, triggering rising edge See if that helps.
  5. Check your trigger error counter, Press F12 and look at triggers, does the trigger counter increment when the rev limit comes in. You can also log, rpm limit, rpm status and also Trig Err Counter. You are getting a trigger error, you probably have the polarity of your sensors wrong please post a trigger scope log. I just noticed you are in Nissan 360 opto mode, have you performed the setup ?
  6. This often happens when the triggers are not set up properly, i,.e not the correct number of teeth or missing teeth, or polarity is incorrect. What ECU do you have can you post a trigger scope output.
  7. ClintBHP

    What ecu for dual DBW

    The Thunder is in fact the most economical ECU in the Range IMO.
  8. ClintBHP

    Fury CAN issue

    You can not mix different speed devices on the same bus.
  9. Use a second E Throttle Target table Use a combination or a Launch Switch a Virtual Aux and a Timer.
  10. Don't mess about with other types of wideband just fit a CAN Lambda, it works perfectly does not need calibrating and once tuned you can have it in Closed Loop mode and have perfect fuelling resulting in great economy.
  11. This is not a damper issue I fit FP Sensors to every install and don't think any of them have had dampers fitted and I don't see fluctuations like that, + - 10kpa maybe If your fuel req is vacuum referenced then I would log 'differential fuel pressure' instead and that should be steadier. Differential fuel pressure is a calculated value derived from both MAP and FP.
  12. We have seen the same issue and it worked with the CAN unplugged.
  13. It’s used on any engines when MAP becomes an issue, using TPS as you load axis will give you demand based fuelling and not reactionary based fuelling (your throttle input is the demand and MAP is a reaction) MGP on the load axis is great for slow revving car engines with high reciprocating mass but for jet skis I would always go TPS.
  14. I thought so, I think you will find retuning with TPS as the load site on the fuel map will make it a lot better.
  15. I am afraid my best advice is to retune using TPS instead of MAP on the load axis of your fuel table. Is the motor boosted, seems the map is configured for a boosted engine ?
  16. We have done over 60 Cosworth installs and have a superb map that will only need a tweak on the dyno for your car saving a lot of cost in dyno and mapper time, however we like to fully support our customers, if you purchased the ECU from us online the base map and full technical support including a team viewer session is available free of charge. If not we have a support product you can purchase, you are more than welcome to ring and talk to us about this and make sure you are happy with what we offer, 01474 853219 https://shopbhp.com/collections/link-ecu-accessories/products/link-g4-ecu-support-base-map-service
  17. Out of interest did you have anything connected to the CAN port ?
  18. The Lambda trace actually isn't in the correct position as the reading lags so I would say its going lean on a throttle blip, best way to see by how much the Lambda is lagging is to set a switch on a DI and when selected add 10% to the fuel map, hold it at 4k rpm and switch the DI on, by logging the DI and the Lambda you will see how long the lag is, you can then read the log better. I would say if the fuel table is correct then you need to adjust the accell Enrichment. Logging TPS delta along with the TPS trace will help you work out whats going on. Hope this helps.
  19. Upload the pclr file and a log and we can take a look.
  20. ClintBHP


    The map is preloaded.
  21. No they are not presented on the ECU connector unfortunately.
  22. Should be no need to change maps if the vehicle is the same. Do a complete system check before you run, so check every sensor and actuator works. The only thing that may need wiring is the second air temp sensor.
  23. Wire IGN1 to Coil 1&5 and IGN2 to coil 2&4 and IGN3 to coil 3&6 - the firing order in the configuration tab will tell the ECU which coil to fire. Ground from the Coil can be bound hard to the head / block the ECU does not look for a return signal.
  24. ClintBHP


    Fuel pumps look fine, just check the fuse is man enough. Everything still applies in 6.7 plug in or not we always test ever sensor and actuator.
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