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    Pops and bangs

    In corrections use a 4D table enabled with the DI you wire the switch too
  2. TPS based load will be best for you
  3. Ok then buy a timing light and don’t guess the ignition offset
  4. How did you wire the ignition ? 1-5-3-6-2-4 IGN 1 ECU should be wired to Cyl 1 & 6 IGN 2 ECU - Cyl 2 & 5 IGN 3 ECU - Cyl 3 & 4
  5. Sorry £85 delivered back to your door.
  6. http://aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-4110 Digital Wideband UEGO Gauge.pdf According to this you need to take the white wire and connect that to one of your spare ANVolt Inputs, you may need a XLS Expansion Loom for this, or if your vehicle originally had a NB Oxy you can connect to that wire.
  7. I don't get this problem on my MacBook Pro, i5 CPU and SSD when logging all parameters so I am guessing it might be speed or USB related if you two are having issues. Best to log inside the ECU and then pull the log on a run anyway, it is also far safer to drive long distances because that urge to look over and see whats going on is too great.
  8. The term used for tablets with 1 UBS port is 'OTG' for On The Go Charging.
  9. ClintBHP

    gm pressure sensor

    You can pretty much use any pressure sensor some have been pre calibrated and are in the dropdown menu and others you will need to calibrate. The Link 3 Bar calibration was in fact originally a GM type sensor so shout be spot on.
  10. 1342 Firing order so 1&4 and 3&2
  11. What is the M10 thread because an M8 helicoil fits nicely in a Jap 10x1.25mm hole.
  12. Does the Gearbox controller have 2 twised wires going to it, if so whats the resistance between them if its around 60 ohms it will almost certainly be CAN (or if your unlucky a proprietary differential interface)
  13. Why not stay with the piggyback idea as stage 1 - use an ECU with E-Throttle and take control of it, the OE ECU will freak how much I don't know, but on the earlier Toyotas not enough to stop the transmission from working. - You can always back-out and remove Ethrottle control from the piggyback. Then you can go from there, 2 questions is the Gearbox control actually built into the OE ECU or is it an external box and if the latter is it CAN controlled ?
  14. ClintBHP

    Newbie Help

    In would start by checking the fuel pump is running if its quiet you can hear that, then that you have 12v to the fuel injectors; then fuel check fuel pressure and injector flow test.
  15. ClintBHP

    Newbie Help

    its the 12v feed which is the issue this should be powered from an ignition switched relay.
  16. ClintBHP

    Newbie Help

    You don't need to offer any money we will help as much as we can Free of Charge. Your coils should be fed from a relay, when you say no 12v is this with the multimeter ground connected to the engine block or to a pin in the igniter ? If your measuring between pins, then check to see if its is actually the 12v that is not there or the ground has been lost by grounding the black voltmeter probe on the engine block. If the 12v is lost, trace the wire back to the relay, it may just be a dodgy connection or faulty relay or the relay trigger signal is lost. In the meantime please post a copy of you pclr file and a log from when you try and start your engine.
  17. ClintBHP

    Newbie Help

    When you press F12 and goto triggers do you see both TRIG1 and TRIG2 in Green 'OK' and no 'trigger errors' ?
  18. Can we see a new log file and current map with them changes please.
  19. Yes assign a DI for the task then in the AntiLag setup instead of 'Always On' Select the DI from the dropdown.
  20. ClintBHP

    Dash2 Pro Help

    Be nice to know exactly how wrong as it what figures, you can upload both configs here. You are probably not converting from PSI into mbar in the 'multiplier, divider and offset'; which is what the dash wants to see. Also a lot of people come unstuck 'trying' things as they for get they have to upload and power cycle the dash.
  21. Perfectly possible connect your old G4 to the new G4+ PCLink software and download the map and save it, connect the new G4+ ECU and connect and download the map. You will need to check ALL settings.
  22. ClintBHP

    Setup CAN module

    There are a few technical reasons for this, I would say the CAN Specification states a rate of 250 or 500kbs, so both of your devices if designed to work on OSI Standard OBD2 should be compliant and be able to run on the same Bus i.e. CAN1, I would suggest you ask the other manufacturers why they are not compliant if that is the case, rather than ask Link why they are compliant, see where I am coming from ?
  23. ClintBHP

    Map sensor readings

    Barometric sensor, press F12 and look in the General Tab:
  24. ClintBHP

    Map sensor readings

    Should read same as the BAP sensor with the engine not running.
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