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  1. Thanks for the support. Hopefully I wont blow up my engine for this trial and error.
  2. Is "Gear Cut Control" same as flat shifting? Is it possible to set flat shifting with standard gearbox (H pattern, triple plate clutch)? What values should be key in?
  3. Hi Scott, I want to use DI #3 as digital input. What is ECU pin number for DI #3 (enclose ECU pinout). Can I use handbrake as digital input?
  4. Hi Scott, From "Activation Control", there is option DI #4. After we learn here and there, DI #4 is speedometer (car speed). Can it be used as "Activation Control"? Let say, when at 0 KPH (at certain RPM) launch control is activated. Problem is where to set 0 KPH to activate?
  5. Hi Scott, Thanks for responding. I have tried many times my car never be in blue area unless it is completely stop and I rev engine. I can be in those cells when I rev engine in neutral gear. Is there something wrong with ECU setting? I just want to make turbo spinning faster because of rich fuel and retard timing to launch the car better. Anyway how to setup launch control? Where digital input connected? What "Mode" should be used (Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3)? What values should be key in?
  6. I am new to this forum. I bought EVO 5 coming with LINK ECU. I read from manual (LINK help file) it must install switch to activate launch control. Can I just make big numbers in fuel and ignition (blue square) instead of switch? I see from log file these cells are not touched while decelerate.
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