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  1. Yep had to update the firmware.
  2. The jeep I6 4.0l engine has an odd trigger wheel. It is 3 teeth then 2 solid then repeating 3 times on the flywheel. Is there anyway to set this pattern up in the ecu?
  3. Is the aux 5 position not reconfigurable? Ive tried to set it up as an out put for the third wire for iac and then noticed you can only use aux 2 for that. I also tried to turn it into the CE light but that doesnt seem to work either. also is the aux 4 position reconfigurable. its the 92-95 pnp ecu. ***I found the answer at the bottom of the aux configuration tables. you cannot low side 5-8 aux channels
  4. I did a firmware update and it would activate afterwards. it works now thanks.
  5. ok I tested it and it will run with the old ecu but not the link. i ran the injector test and it does not run the pump.
  6. 1995 honda del sol s I will check that in a few hours thank you.
  7. We just installed a honda 92+ pnp and it wont activate the fuel pump. It runs on the stock ecu but not the link. any ideas?
  8. HACKMAC87

    Deadtimes base maps.

    deadtimes are very important when you start to tune at the edge of performance from basically being a carb. evo 8 injector would be a great upgrade for you. plus they are cheap and plentiful.
  9. thank you ill send data this weekend i dont have the car atm
  10. Hello again, I have a 1998 wrx sti with a g4+ plug and play. The fans are running constantly with key on. I am finding it hard to get a stock wiring diagram for a jdm car. The fans worked fine with the factory ecu. i have messed with every parameter and ecu setting for the fans. There is fan 1 and fan 3 setup from the supplied plug and play setup. I also dont have a knock signal showing.
  11. I found the problem. I had 2 ignition leads crossed causing the odd readings and no start.
  12. Hi guys Im having an issue with a plug and play system for a 1998 wrx sti swapped into a usdm impreza body. The swap ran great before with no issues. We built the engine and verified timing, injector pulse and timing pulse. we also verified compression and fuel pressure. I will be checking the timing offset here in a bit but it is currently set at 3* with the map that came in the ecu, it seems a bit small compared to cars ive tuned in the past. the car pops when cranking but never tries to start. any hints or help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello everyone! I am about to get a g4+ plug and play ecu installed for a customer and would like to get some recommendations from someone that may have installed this ecu or worked with it. I know I can configure just about any sensor with it(I was thinking or using the GM 3 bar MAP and the GM caged IAT) but the IAT is a bit bulky and I would like to see what other MAP's other people have used. maybe even a cheaper option? the GM 3 bars have gotten a bit pricey lately. I am wondering if anyone has had better results with any other sensors/better resolutions etc. also I would like to know if I can just use the existing wiring for the current maf or map and the iat for the input wiring. Or do I need to install the expansion wires. One more question, can I use the factory O2 sensor input wiring for a permanent wideband signal input?
  14. I can totally vouch for the HPA courses. their approch has completely helped me fine tune my calibration process.
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