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  1. chuckk

    Wheel speed issue

    Hi guys, I have tuned a rally car on the dyno. Car is running great but I have an issue with deactivating the launch control since it is wheel speed based. When I log everything the ecu doesn't seem to see any speed input (DI5 is setup to VSS). What I don't get is when I plug in the MXL2 dash I can see the speed. I understand the MXL2 gets the information via CAN-BUS. But why i am not able to see the speed when I unplug the aim to log and tune the LINK ecu ? Here is a log attached. Thank you for your inputs. anvolt2full rich.llg
  2. chuckk

    ''Laggy'' software

    OK guys sorry for not responding to your questions! Yes Timmy I also have that same issue with the escape window going crazy but didn't mention it since I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Glad you have the same issue though. To answer the frequency question I can't tell since no ecu...customer didn't show up. Here is a screenshot.
  3. chuckk

    ''Laggy'' software

    Hi Adam, Thanks for replying. It's weird because all my other tuning softwares are working flawlessly. Will try to post a video of what it's doing maybe tomorrow if I have time. Like I said before, my old Dell latitude has a slower processor, less ram, no ssd and it runs perfect. I go buy a 1400$ asus...it runs like shit, but only this software (no hate I'm just saying). Thanks
  4. chuckk

    ''Laggy'' software

    Hi cj. Thanks for your response. I spent almost 2 hours playing with the graphics settings and it seems the best option is to leave everything ''default''. Looks like I'll be using my old laptop tomorrow. Have a great week-end and thanks again.
  5. chuckk

    ''Laggy'' software

    Hi guys, I just purchased a brand new asus laptop and I decided to go overkill this time so I can keep it longer. It has a 512 SSD, 8th gen I7 processor with 16 gig ram. So after re-installing everything, Ive noticed that the only software that doesn't run properly is the link. I know windows 10 isn't the best for tuning but try to find a brand new laptop with win7... As soon as I start to play with the tables it gets laggy and if I switch from the grid view to the 3d view, the 3d view never shows up... I checked all my other softwares to see if I had any issues with the others but no. Need it running properly since tomorrow will be on the dyno. thanks!
  6. hi scott, thank you for your response. I have managed to make it work just by switching to a different aux output. It was simply not clicking with aux 3...aux 8 is working perfectly fine now. Thank you!
  7. Hi, I have an issue with my computer not turning on the boost solenoid. i understand the AUX 3 grounds one side of the boost solenoid while the other sider provides a 12v (switched on) supply. I did the AUX 3 TEST ON with the software and with my dvom i verified that the signal wire was indeed getting grounded. Then other wire has 12v so there is no reason why it should not work. The solenoid itself works if you unplugged the connector and apply battery voltage to it.... Also tried to set the frequency at 33Hz since it's the valve specs thanks for the help. cheers
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