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  1. Hi Adam, I try to get a oscilloscope. I've made a log may be you can see something, When the engine cut you see the error trigger growing. Best regards Log 4-12-18 6;24;07 pm.llg
  2. Hi Simon, I've connect the ecu back from you on the car an now the outputs are working fine in "test mode" and "pwm test", i can hear the électrovalves working. But now another problem, when i run the engine up to the rpm lockout (2000rpm) in " vvt setup" the engine stop. When the engine stop, i can see the in limits part of the screen, the "rpm limit on" and orange. At the same time i can see the vvt target and position angles Moving. i use the vvt base map setup file "audi v8 4,2L" Have you any idea of this problem? Best regards Antoine
  3. Ok Can you tell me where to send it and how to proceed? Best regards
  4. I've check direcly the solenoids on a battery and i can hear them clicking. My Customer had made his own loom leaving all the unused wires so i've took of all the unused pins from both connectors. i've checked again the wiring: Left solenoid on aux 2 pin 20 connector A right solenoid on aux 1 pin 21 connector A I've tested the aux 1,2,3 and 4 with a test light (connected on the 12v on one side and aux to the other) with the "PWM test" and the "On test", and the aux outputs are still not working . any idea? thank
  5. Hi Adam, Back to work on this car, vvt are still not working, but this time i've check again the wiring witch is ok (12v on one side and connected to the aux on the other) . The electrovalves does not work, are connected on aux 1 and 2 set to "vvt controllers" . When i set the aux to "pwm test" 50hz Nothing happen i Don't ear them working. i've tried as well to connect them on aux 3 and 4 and same result. DOes the engine has to run to test the auxiliary? Have you any idea? thanks Antoine
  6. Hi Adam, We've check the combinaison outputs and vvt solenoid, it's ok, but the vvt still not work. I've check as well if the solenoids clicks and it's ok I've put 20° in the vvt table and log the engine running. One cam doesn't move and the other goes from 0° to 40° directly. see the log file attached. may be you'll see what's wrong. Log 28-05-18 1;51;45 pm.llg
  7. Hi Scott, After this long time the engine is running ok and nearly ready to be mapped on the dyno. I still have a problem i can't solve, the 2 vvt cams are not working . I use the trigger2 as cam sensor1 and DI2 as cam sensor 2. When i run the engine, i can see cams positions but they don't follow the target. I think i've done something wrong but i don't what. I send you the starting map i use actualy, may be you will find what's wrong. thanks for your help Best regards LOLA F3000 CD 03-05-218.pcl
  8. Hi Scott, I try that and log it . Antoine
  9. Hi Scott, I've made the test. With the trigger offset setup at -80° there is only the 4 first coils of the firing order working (cylinders 1, 5, 4 and 8) With the trigger offset setup at 280° there is only the 4 coils last coils of the firing order working (cylinders 6, 3, 7, and 2) In attach files, the record the two tests with -80° and 280° offset, the engine start every time on 4 cylinders. Thanks, Antoine trigger-80°cranking and start.llg trigger280° cranking and start.llg
  10. Yes i have acces to an oscilloscope if needed. I want to keep as well the vvt functional For your trigger mode, remember i use as special 60-2 trigger Wheel on the timming belt side so the trigger offset is different of the original audi one, but i try it . i'll make a record of the engine start hopfully this week end. thanks Antoine
  11. Hi Scott, Here is the bas map done. The coils have built in ignitos, all are working in test mode and i don't have trigger errors. the 2 cams sensor triggers are the same, when i use the left cam sensor as trigger 2, i have the first 4 coils (in the ignition order) working. When i use the right cam sensor as trigger 2, the 4 other coils are working. I try to get a log of the starting quick, what do you mean by a trigger scope image? is there a function in the software or you a image taken from my scopmeter? thanks Antoine F3000 pmh 80 V8 Chrisitan2.pcl
  12. Hi Scott, I've done the modifications, and with a -80 degres trigger offest the engine start but only on 4 cylinders. i have only an ignition spark on the 4 first cylinders (of the ignition order). in the ignition setup i've choose direct spark because i have on coil per cylinder, and when i use the test mode, the 8 ignition sparks are ok. have you any idea? thanks AP1
  13. Hi Scott, I use a magnetic sensor for the crank, i don't know if it's the original one is the same, and does it matters? My crank sensor don't have the same trigger offest as your V8 audi 4,2L trigger mode can i modifie it? The cams sensors are wired exactly like that. So the engine will run in full group injection and wasted spark? I try that as soon as possible, thanks for your help. And for Adamw, yes it is running with itb's , special exaust, and dry sump. i can't use the original crank trigger Wheel because the engine as a specific small flywheel to match with the hewland box. AP1
  14. Hello, I am working on an formula race car using an Audi V8 3,7l with a G4 extrem ecu. I use the original the two hall effect cams sensors (for vvt), 5 teeth trigger wheels. The crank trigger Wheel is a specific 60-2 one and i use a magnetic sensor. When i run the engine, i have no spark and no injection, but when i use the test mode, everything is working. I think my ecu cams setup is not correct (attach picture). If someone can have a look to my base setup map and explain me what i done wrong . thanks for helping me kind regards Antoine F3000 V8 Chrisitan1.pcl
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