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  1. Hello, Unfortunately, at no fault of my own, my EJ207 was written off. Instead of spending thousands on body work, I've decided to move into an EJ257 (USDM with AVCS, etc...). I was wondering if you guys would be able to provide a conversion connector so that my EJ257 harness plugs into my EJ207 V5/6 G4+? Or is my only option to sell this one, and buy an EJ207 one? Many thanks in advance! Eric
  2. Ah, I was not aware that launch control would lock out the closed loop... But it makes perfect sense to! Thanks for the help. I have it going now, and will wire up a digital input switch to activate my launch control. I had the fuel trim set at 40% because I wasn't seeing any change in afrs. My tune really doesn't appear to need more than +-10% adjustment, with the largest adjustments coming in at idle. Thanks again!
  3. For sure. Attached here: 08-11-2016 GF8.pclr
  4. Hello, Love the ECU. My car runs better than ever before. Now that I have it tuned relatively close to the AFRs that I want, I would like to turn on the closed loop lambda mode. I have everything set up, but no mater what I do, the CL Lambda Fuel Correction is always 0%, and the AFRs never adjust. Could somebody please point me in the correct direction? I have ensured that all of my lockout values are not causing the CL to run. I have my innovate MTX-L wideband wired up to an external analog input and configured as Lambda 1. Lambda displays properly on inside PCLink, and agrees with my physical AFR gauge. Not sure what else I can check. Any help would be awesome! Thanks! 08-11-2016 GF8.pclr
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