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  1. Stick with me Mario, I'll get your through this using the custom CAN output, and about 23 dollars of cheap equipment off eBay (bluepill, a mosfet if needed, and a can transceiver) :)
  2. Greetings Link, for the past year or so, i've been digging into the depths of my vehicle's CAN network for more understanding as to what information is being communicated over the canbus network(s) on the car. The Vehicle is a 2006 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG, The ECU Transmits 8 Bus arbitration ID's, with about 8 or 9 arbitration id's offering worthwhile information back to the bus. Currently there's a limit to 6 arbitration ID's per Bus, Will this number ever get increased to a bigger value? 24? I realize i'm not the 99%, but the 1% hoping that M1 Dev or create my own can bridge collaborating data, (which I haven't completely crossed off the list, but i'd rather config the user definable tables offered vs c++ from scratch. I've also obtained cancapture, which I was told was a program you possess, which may help with my troubles and understanding. TIA , Mitch
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