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  1. I agree! I find that the better combination is having and experienced tuner and a knock monitoring device, the Link G4+ configured the right way is by itself a good monitoring device and that and the regular common sense and Tuner knoledge about the car is very good thing. Sometimes when I have no experience with the car setup and the engine I need to start making a "baseline" with the "noise" detected by the Link G4 dataloggin feature, then I recently bought a Knocklink device, so I can plug a external knock monitoring device that I am custom to...
  2. HI I just bought a KnockLink device from ebay at "Toonertools" seller, I am looking for a "installation and operation manual", I have to wait a couple of weeks to receive it, and I want to be prepared for it. I have two questions: 1-Can I plug the knocklink to the usb laptop computer? 2-May I plug a set of headphones to it? Regards Alex
  3. Dear Scott Im working on a Forester EJ255 with bore size 99.50 mm, I read from the post above 6 khz narrow band Knock sensor for the EJ20 92 mm is a good choice, so considering that EJ255 has a bigger size, the same frecuency apply??? higher or lower would be a better fit, (considering everything else the same)? The sensor is exactly the same, but considering that bore oversize, with way should I go? Another idea, please confirm is it has sense..... Run 4000 rpm and change frequency so see if we get higher "counts" near any frequency range???? And then use the range that picket up higher values? Regards Alex Maroto
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    Hi Good reading on AL, I will be working this next week on a Tarmac, Uphill, car and need to setup the AL for it... I need to setup an Antilag Rally style, car is a Forester XT 2007 running G4 Xtreme, with E-Throttle, this is the first time that I have to program the Anti-lag on a E-Throttle, so I need to keep the Throttle open around 25 % for this. My question is how to??? and since I read the help file at the software, this is what I think I have to do: please provide you comments to let me get right... thanks I understand that I can use a DI switch to activate Antilag (at the Motorsport options), then the E-Throttle setup will recognize the AL status "on" and then use the E-Throttle 1 table #2, with values around 25% (not less) on this table to make sure I have good enough air during AL conditions, am I on the right path?? All the rest parameters I m familiar with, but I did´nt know how to keep the Throttle opened during this AL ON status... Will it work? any comment to help me? Regards Alex
  5. Very good idea!!, there is no way to know the launch value assigned at the datalog, I can log the voltaje of the AN7, but not the rpm value that that meas... is that correct? I guess the only way is to put and analog potenciomenter with marks to aproximate the rpm it will deliver...
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