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  1. thank you exactly what i was after
  2. Hi recently purchased link g4 fury cars all wired up and ready to install ecu i would like to know how hard is it to configure the ecu i would like to get the car running before i take it to tuner as i live far away from my chosen one heres an attached copy of my io table with the list of inputs and outputs car rb25det neo r32 basic mods garrett t3t4 front facing plenum 800cc injectors and all the rest supporting mods or is anyone in the south auckland region that is able to set this up for me cash paid? MIKEY R32 IO TABLE.pdf
  3. ok i understand now i though you saying i couldnt connect an aftermarket map sensor to the r34 gtt plug in link but thanks for your help link plug in will be my best bet
  4. Ok I'm a bit lost here could I use the link map sensor on the plug in ecu for the gtt?
  5. Yea the map sensor can I connect one to the plug in ecu?
  6. It's in a r32 motor out of a r34 gtt but will the plug in ecu run the link maf sensor as I want to get rid of most wiring clutter as possible thanks
  7. hi I have a rb25det Neo with usual mods ffp,injectors,turbo manifold Not to sure what's the difference between The different models of G4 there is would the G4+ Storm be more than capable of tuning these types of modification?
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