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  1. I have a built sr20det in my 240sx. Recently I got a engine code 74 out of nowhere. The day before the car was able to drive and boost. I drove around with my friend(lightly driving without acceleration or it will die) and noticed that the analog supply voltage would first start as 5v and slowly go down to 3 to 1. The car would end up dying because of this. I also noticed that the electric fan would be on when it was not suppose to. The engine is not overheating since all the gauges and the ecu was reading that it was ok. The ECU somehow gave it a signal to turn on. The analog would eventually go back up to 5 and would be able to start again(suspecting something went bad with the ECU since a short would be immediate instead of slow or intermittent ). My main questions: Will I need a new ECU? Is this a common issue with link ECU? Whats going on?
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