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  1. toyota 20v idle going crazy

    thank alot all . finally i slove the problem .
  2. toyota 20v idle going crazy

    hi adamw . so you mean that , may be some thing in the distributor there izzit . ok thx alot .so now i had know the problem come out from where . thx adamw .
  3. toyota 20v idle going crazy

    soli late reply . this the trigger scope . thx Trigger Scope Log 2017-02-13 2;54;00 pm.llg
  4. toyota 20v idle going crazy

    steve can i had your e-mail add . i will email u thx .
  5. toyota 20v idle going crazy

    i using g4+ ecu blue . when i start the engine is 1000rpm engine timing is 10 ( timing gun ) . y suddenlly the idle going up to 1300rpm the engine timing may be 30 or 40 . the ignition table 1 i put 0 . and the ignition correction i off it . can any ppl help me solve my problem . if i need to do again the wiring . o other .
  6. 4age 20v vvti setting

    mr orlando bello . i will road tuning 1st . after final tuning at dyno . seeing how many the hp and tourge i get in this engine . thanks

    hi scott. thanks alot i will try it .

    thanks alot adamw. i had key in the table oledi, and try it . but the reading in the g4+ got a bit of diffent from the dynojet wide band on the sreen . so the output value B , i key in 1.114 lambda .is i correct or wrong . pls tell me . i use a bowling water and a termometer to cal the temp sensor resistance . water temp . 28c 1.639 kilo ohms ,30c 1.540 kilo ohms 40c 0.741 kilo ohms , 50c 0.580 kilo ohms ,60c 0.460 kilo ohms , 70c 0.375 kilo ohms , 80c 0.291 kilo ohms , 90c 0.275 kilo ohms , 100c 0.186 kilo ohms . air temp . 30c 1.528 kilo ohms , 40c 0.624 kilo ohms , 50c 0.488 kilo ohms , 60c 0.400 kilo ohms , 70c 0.386 kilo ohms , 80c 0.337 kilo ohms , 90c 0.283 kilo ohms . is it correct . if i using the std bosch ntc the temp will going high . and i using the bosch 0 280 130 017 it will be low a bit from the std bosch ntc .

    hi there. can any body help me . i got the dynojet wide band2 . how 2 wire in g4+ and setting .and the dynojet wideband got five wire . 1. rpm ,2.analog input ,3. digital ground , 4.12v ,5.ground. and got one more questions . my engine is toyota 20v black top . the water temp and intake air temp are diffent . now in the g4+ i using the std bosch ntc sensor type . do any person got the two temp cal table in volt or in ohms. thanks alot
  10. 4age 20v vvti setting

    thank mr .jmp . got it .thanks alots
  11. 4age 20v vvti setting

    thanks . i will try it .
  12. 4age 20v vvti setting

    hi there , i am liang .n i am new of this . can any ppl help me 2 settle it . i just buy a strom g4+ . i had install the ecu but . i cant get the vvti right . my car engine is toyota levin 20v black top . i need all of the vvti setting n wiring pls . can any body help .