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  1. I am finally picking up my car tomorrow from the mechanic after 1year 10months. When talking to him he mentioned locking ECUs I asked him not to lock mine I don’t want it locked. I own the ECU I paid for the tune therefor own it too. My question is how do I tell if my ECU has been locked??? Cheers
  2. Hi All, Sorry for this very noob question. Pretty much anyone on here could answer this for me. How do I download a tune from my ECU (G4+) so I can save it to my laptop. Thanks for the help in advance. Cheers
  3. Will the can lambda work with the Link G4 model or only the G4+. Cheers Scott
  4. Hi I was hoping someone could help me out with a suitable location for the O2 sensor placement for my Can Lambda. I have a 2004 STI with a rotated turbo kit I understand the instructions say "To avoid excessive heat the sensor should be mounted at least 1 meter from the engine exhaust port." BUT Is there an optimal distance from the back of the turbo to put the sensor? Cheers, Scott
  5. Barnesy

    Help with wiring

    Hmm you do have a very good point there. I suppose its not something the standard ECU uses.
  6. Barnesy

    Help with wiring

    Do you think that it may not have shown it being used because the engine wasn't running? Sorry for the questions really don't know much about ECU's. Cheers
  7. Barnesy

    Help with wiring

    Yes that's right 2L cable throttle. Do you have any idea what the green and white wires that are connected are for?
  8. Barnesy

    Help with wiring

    Hi CamB, I found this base map I took last year, nothing has changed since. For me it looks like its a Inlet Air Temp (guessing its the sensor just before the throttle body in the intercooler piping) Any help is greatly appreciated. Scott 7-9-16 BASE MAP.pcl
  9. Barnesy

    Help with wiring

    I will give it a go when I get home? Really don't know what to look for after I plug it in though. Will get back to you tonight if you don't mind.
  10. Barnesy

    Help with wiring

    I had a quick look. Could it be to a sensor in the piping for the front mount intercooler just before the throttle body. Cheers, Scott
  11. Barnesy

    Help with wiring

    I know, the engine let go and the engine builder/tuner I use doesn't tune Link. So all I can do I suppose is follow it. Correct? Could it be input from AFR? OR Any ideas what it could typically be? Cheers, Scott
  12. Barnesy

    Help with wiring

    Hi I am about to take the link G4 out of me 2004 STI. The previous owner had the ECU put in. My question is: There is a harness that comes out the back of the ECU (see attached photo) the only 2 wires being used is a green and a white one (marked in pic), what would these wires be used for? Is the harness an expansion harness? Any help is really appreciated Cheers, Scott
  13. Hi, I am hoping someone can provide me with a link to the specifications and Features of my Link G4 ECU (Not G4+). It is for a 2004 Subaru STI. Regards, Scott
  14. Barnesy

    How to log

    Hi, I am very new to aftermarket ECU's and I have recently purchased a 2004 STI with a link G4 installed. I would like to log the ECU to see what files are like, I have a feeling it is running rich. I have downloaded the Link program to the computer just not sure where to go from there. I will not be changing anything but I would like to send the file to my tuner to have a look at. Is there an idiots guide to starting out? Cheers, Scott
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