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  1. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    check mail
  2. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    here's screens of ignition and fuel. for the first time we had to start engine with MAP disconnected, because we are using mercedes sensor, it needs calibration yet. we are at sea level and it shows 160kpa, instead of 101. but i was not able to calibrate MAP with engine off, does it requiers engine running for calibration?
  3. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    I'm currently at work now, I will post pictures of ignition table and master fuel map this evening, any advice would be welcome. I just need safe setting for engine break in period, until car reaches tuner.
  4. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    I have not changed any igniton angles, currently it has 45 btdc as default. should I change it?
  5. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    well, engine was started for the first time, but we don't had coolant system connected, so we shut if off immediately. now I wonder, what settings I need, to be on safe side, until engine break in period?
  6. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    Sorry, but I can't clearly figure it what will be connection with firing order of 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3?
  7. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    I'm done with wiring today, only injectors has to be connected, and I also want to try fire it up for the first time tomorrow. which mode has to be selected in pclink software? sequental?
  8. LS1/LQ9 first setup

  9. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    What about wiring? I mean which injectors to pair for sequental mode? I assume, if firing order is 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3, then ijectors are wired same way: inj 1-8 to channel1 and so on
  10. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    for injection, group fire staged, right?
  11. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    Yeap, I have just found it, Atom cannot control stepper motors. I'm gonna wire BMW 3 wire one instead. One more question: can I use MAP sensor from some other car? or it has to be aftermarket?
  12. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    I have an aftermarket 102mm throttle body, cable driven, with TPS and idle control valve on it. idle valve is 4 pin, this means that it is stepper motor, so I have to do "ecu hold power wiring" anyway?
  13. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    should I use capasitors, like on schematics?
  14. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    so here is LS1 ignition coil pins A and B are grounds to engine, pin D is +12 from ignition relay, right? pin C is 5V driven, but link has negative output to ignition, so, how to deal with it?
  15. LS1/LQ9 first setup

    thank you, will be very appreciated for calibration of NA but if I have to change ignition to wasted spark, what type of ignition are you using in your calibration? is there better choice than wasted spark for LS? we don't have electric throttle, it is cable drive