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  1. golf-2

    m50 crank signal

    this capture after making cam hall rising. this signal right??
  2. golf-2

    m50 crank signal

    question plz thae cam signal is for reference of the stroke only??, didn't effect the ignition timing??
  3. golf-2

    m50 crank signal

    making the cam setup hall although the sensor is vr?
  4. golf-2

    m50 crank signal

    hello about the bmw m50 nv crank and cam trigger scope is this right or polarity reversed?? thanx
  5. golf-2

    Audi TT 1.8 20V Trigger errors

    I use the TTlink ecu in S3 APY engine and AWP golf mk4 engine with no problem , the cam is 4 window hall sensor like that pic
  6. golf-2

    DBW issue

    Hello, about the dbw throttle, an error called aps tracking error , i made calibrate for the aps many times, the signal read well but after ride the car for minutes , suddnly the throttle hold to 7% until i shut down the engine and start it again, the throttle worked well any experience about this error??
  7. golf-2

    bmw DBW throttle pinout

    Unfortunately i don't have the wiring, it is single throttle come from the m62tub44 540i or 740i anyone using this with extreme ecu?? thanks
  8. golf-2

    bmw DBW throttle pinout

    Hello, Any one have experience with the m62b44 540 dbw wiring?? ethrottle signal 1, 2, etc?? using link extreme thanx
  9. golf-2

    BMW m50 wont start

    i use vanos bottom end with the stock vanos crank wheel, yes i notice there r gap with the nv cam sync i swapped the cam wires, it read well, i use -325 calibrate, but i have feeling the car advances more than the table i have timing light but i don't know where is the timing mark in the m50s engines thanx for support
  10. golf-2

    Antilag question

    In the antilag option , AL ign retard mode, degree vs degree absolute , in the (degree) , it will subtract the degrees from the ignition table??example, that mean when i put 0 in full throttle , it did not retard anything?? right?
  11. golf-2

    BMW m50 wont start

    non vanos head thanx
  12. golf-2

    BMW m50 wont start

    I have problem with the m50 engine good stable crank sensor reading , but when enable the cam , the rpm go random erratic using stock non vanos vr cam sensor , setup is reluctor , cam pulse x1 any idea??
  13. golf-2

    BMW m50 wont start

    For the stock non vanos cam sync, what is the right setup for Trig-2 edge and sync mode?? thanks