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  1. sorry guys I'm new in this forum and I have a problem with my car. first of all nice to meet all of you and here are the things I'm curious about. vehicle: 1991 Toyota mr2 swapped with a gen4 3sgte (caldina) had the car protuned back in spring of 2016 with mods listed mods engine block and head stock, fuel stock 560cc, bolt ons spearco intercooler, gt3076r turbo, Racerx exhaust manifold & downpipe and external tial wastegate 38mm, just intake come, ems exhaust and atom g4+ link ecu. . Car ran great then a problem occurred. Blew piston 2 ring and car ran like shit. I have built a new engine for the car that I have finished and here are the specs bottom block 86.5mm wiseco pistons, eagle rods, arp main studs, arp head studs, new bearings head stock intake valve and exhaust valves, 264 Brian crower exhaust and intake cam (w/ trigger), Engle springs and new seals. fuel injector dynamic 1000cc, 450 walboro e85 fuel pump with e85 lines. i have installed everything just the way the car is but the car doesn't turn over. Just cranks and cranks and like a misfire pop. The car has fuel and it also has spark so my main concern is the cam position sensor. The Brian crower camshaft can be a problem cause of the trigger? Or can it be a problem from wiring? Sensor is good. help also need a diagram of the atom to find out where the cam trigger is
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