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  1. Haha it does look strange. There is a gear shift in there (auto) at which point it broke traction. The drop in rpm is it hooking up again. The flat boost curve is because positive displacement supercharger.
  2. Ok, so I came across another potential issue today. One of my aux outputs, aux8 didn't activate today, even though all conditions were met. (It did eventually activate after a few seconds, but by then it was way past required.) Thankfully it was my boost control which I only use to give it a bit of a curve at lower rpm, so the table was zeroed at the time anyway. But, it is a bit of a concern to me as if it had been aux7 that hadn't turned on instead of aux8, it could have potentially caused some major damage to the engine. Logging frequency for aux8 is 5Hz, aux7 is 10Hz.
  3. Thanks for checking it out. I have been experimenting with the accel enrichment settings over the past few days to see if I can find something that works with my setup but so far I haven't been able to get it right. Not sure if it has something to do with the low velocity of the ports in the falcon head, or just that my engine setup is fairly unique having a large positive displacement supercharger on the 4.0L six, but it seems to need a fairly long enrichment duration which reduces as throttle position increases. I'll keep playing with it until I hear back from you. I tried switching to MAP based load correction today but it just isn't fast enough, so I'll go back to TPS tomorrow and keep trying. Cheers.
  4. Ok so I have worked out that it has nothing to do with accel hold. It seems that the initial tip-in value is held until the TPS ROC drops. So for example if I feed throttle on from 1000rpm giving me say 60% enrichment at tip-in, that 60% addition continues all the way to 100% throttle. By the time I'm at 70% throttle and close to maximum boost then adding 60% accel enrichment is just way too much fuel. By the time I'm at 100% throttle I've got so much added fuel that afr's are in the low 10's, and no power until it clears. This may not be as much of an issue for turbo'd cars as boost/load usually climbs after throttle so additional fuel would still be commanded. But my boost/load climbs faster than throttle opening, so I always see peak load long before full throttle. So, what I need to be able to do is have accel enrichment follow the accel load correction table as throttle position or load increases, rather than hold initial peak value until ROC drops.
  5. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Having trouble finding a balance with accel enrichment. At higher rpm it's fine, but at lower rpm it seems to want to hold peak enrichment way after I need it to taper off, and it's frustrating me big time. Screenshot explains it better than I can. Cheers.
  6. I'm not sure what is possible at present to be honest. How can I find what is available to transmit to the gauge?
  7. I have been using a Perfect Tuning universal gauge for a few weeks now. I really like it, as you can set it to display whatever info the ecu is feeding via CAN. It is easy to use, display is very easy to read, menu and settings are easy to navigate and calibration of inputs, alarms, display etc can be done via laptop or smartphone which is cool. Perfect Tuning is a one man opperation, and he is very easy to deal with. If you have any questions or problems just message him and he will sort it out straight away. He also welcoms any feedback and suggestions on how to make the gauge better, and is currently working on a new LED display layout I requested for AFR to make it a little less distracting under normal conditions. Initially there was a couple of small issues with AFR readings and displayed values doing funny things but these were fixed with firmware updates which I recieved within an hour or so of contacting him. His customer service is excellent! I have just found an issue with alarm settings too, which he is sorting out as I write this. So, if you do buy one, be sure to give him any feedback or suggestions you might have as all customers will benifit from new features via firmware upgrades. And if we had more information available from the ecu via CAN, that would be awesome too as it would make the gauge even better, hint hint.....
  8. JayGow

    Water meth

    My experience with water methanol injection. Mine is a different engine setup, but a good example of an effective system. For high compression boosted engines that need to run on regular pump fuel, water meth injection is definitely worth the effort in my opinion. I am running a positive displacement supercharger pushing 15psi into a stock 4.0L inline six on pump 98 fuel, no intercooler. I use it for both knock suppression and intercooling. I can't say what the hp/torque difference is with water meth, as I loose so much I have never bothered to find out. Without the water meth operating I have to halve boost, add fuel and pull close to 5 degrees of timing out, and still get knock if I try to push it. (Intake temps climb at an alarming rate too which makes it worse). The Link ecu can be used to control the whole system, with failsafes, and allows you to be very imaginative with your setup. I use a 3D DC table to pulse a high speed solenoid like an injector which allows me full control over when the system becomes active and how much is injected. 4D fuel and ignition maps are also enabled when the system is active. I also have a pressure sensor hooked up to monitor system pressure and enable failsafes if there is a problem. The pump is also switched on by the ecu and only active when required. This is much better than PWM pump control which most systems use because full pump pressure means better atomization. Recirculating bypass pumps are best. I'm looking at upgrading my setup soon, using a fuel injector for even better control.
  9. JayGow

    Accel load correction

    Update on the ECU Logging issue. I have been logging battery voltage as suggested and also raised the logging trigger rpm to 100 (from 50). It missed another log this morning, which was a cold start and drive to work. It also didn't log the drive to the shop after work. But it logged when I drove from the shop to home, and also logged when I stalled it and restarted at the bottom of my driveway. What I did notice is that after I restarted it after the stall, the ECU seems to have not been reading battery voltage correctly. Voltage reading was locked at 10 point something, and as a result it was running very rich (as you'd expect with the ECU reading 10V but injectors are seeing 13.7V). I have seen this rich condition before on other logs where it stays rich well after all cold start adders are no longer active, but never could work out what was causing it as battery voltage wasn't being logged. Injection +ve is supplied from the same power wire as the ECU, from the main relay. All other relays have their own power supply and are switched on by the main relay. Grounds are good. Just checked them. EDIT. Also just noticed when voltage reading is locked at 10.15V, Trigger 1 arming voltage also doesn't refresh.
  10. JayGow

    GP Output Question

    That was just an example. Switch Condition 3 "DI Value 1 = ON" means it will turn the Output "ON" when a digital input is "ON". "DI Value = ON" (last line in my example) is where you enter the number of the Digital Input. So if you have the switch on DI 10, last line value would be 10.
  11. JayGow

    GP Output Question

    This will allow the fans to run as you have them set up, OR, on when digital input 1 (your on/off switch) is on. Is that what you're after?
  12. JayGow

    RPM Limit activated

    Just a suggestion. Might be worth setting engine speed sampling frequency to 100hz for ecu logging. This will allow you to see any noise which may be present. I was having a similar issue of limiting before it should, and found that at higher rpm the trigger signal was a bit noisy and causing the ecu to see spikes in rpm. One spike into the limit range is enough to trigger rpm limiting. There are filters that can be applied to the triggers which may help if this is the issue.
  13. JayGow

    Accel load correction

    Cheers Adam. The (%) had me a little confused. Also, kind of unrelated, but occasionally (like just now) when I go to download the ECU log file, there is nothing to download. I downloaded the log yesterday, stored a few minor tune adjustments to the ECU, then deleted the ECU log. Car has been driven twice today, but no log has been recorded. This has happened a couple of times now over the last few months. I download and delete logs all the time without issues. ECU logging is set to record at RPM> 50
  14. JayGow

    Accel load correction

    The values in the accel load correction table "accel load correction (%)". "acceleration enrichment will not exceed the value set by the Accel Clamp Table x Accel Load Correction x Accel Cold Correction." " Numbers below 1.0 will result in less enrichment while numbers above 1.0 will result in more." Does this mean if I enter a value of 25.5 (25.5 seems to be the limit) this increases the accel clamp value by 25.5%? Or is the value multiplied by 25.5? I need to add a heap of accel enrichment at higher rpm/low load. I'm just a bit confused as to how much the load correction table will add.
  15. I should have thought of that. Thanks. I'll add the input and output to ecu logging. That should give me a better idea of what's going on. It's a hall sensor, and now I think about it I should check the power side of it as the power comes from the dash. Cheers.
  16. Ok, so I am having issues with the speed signal on my EF Falcon, but only when the signal is run through the Link. Direct to dash it works fine, so it seems the dash doesn't like the Link's output signal. I have it wired through the Link (DI 1, Aux 4) so I can calibrate the factory speedo for changed diff ratios. (And gauge sweep is cool AF) The signal is being provided by the factory VSS on the transmission. (625 pulses per 100m) At lower speeds it is fine, but above around 80km/h the needle starts to wander a bit and gets worse as speed increases. At 100km/h for example it will jump around +/- 6 or 7km/h. The runtime value doesn't help much as the numbers change so fast it's hard to tell what it is reading. I have tried changing the active edge between high/low side but no difference. A filter on the signal, or an option to average the output/input may be what I need, as using the average speed on the factory trip meter seems to give a near perfect reading. Cheers.
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