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  1. How doo, With all the work I've done to my gt4 using a link ecu it's got me thinking about sorting my wife's mustang out its got a couple of electrical gremlins and I know if it was on a link I'd have a much better time sorting them gaga. So has anyone done it? Fit a g4 to a 2006 ford mustang v8 3valve auto
  2. I was thinking of using this ssr: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F172960873291
  3. Yeah I could do that but I don't want to. I want to control the fuel pump speed via pwm
  4. Hi guys I recently fitted a fuel pressure sensor and I'm seeing a differential pressure drop when on boost. As soon as the car sees positive boost the differential pressure starts to drop progressively and at 0.8 bar its showing a drop of 1.5bar. I'm still on the stock fuel pump wiring which has a resistor pack, the cars running a walbro 225, a dwr1000 fpr and id1000 injectors. I have a feeling the stock wiring setup is what's causing me the issue. I'm looking at changing the walbro 225 out for a 450 and then making my own wiring and control the new pump via pwm and an ssr I've searched and found this wiring diagram: After reading the threads it seems that the jury was still out of the above diagram is the way to go.
  5. How doo, I'm going to be using this sensor as an oil temp sensor: https://www.efi-parts.co.uk/index.php?productID=125 Does anyone have any pointers on dialing it in to my st205 plug in ecu Thanks in advance
  6. Any more info on setting this up? The st205 has an electric speedo drive
  7. Adzn3k

    Wmi active switch

    Scratch that I'll just pin a new switch in
  8. Adzn3k

    Wmi active switch

    Would I be able to use the ac request switch as the ac has been deleted?
  9. Adzn3k

    Wmi active switch

    So if I put a switch in the 12v to the relay for the pump and when it's off the gp output won't be active so it won't run the higher boost?
  10. Adzn3k

    Wmi active switch

    Hi people. Sorry in advance if this comes across as mad gibberish. So I want my link to control my water methanol injection setup. I've a low amp draw solenoid that can be controlled without the need for a relay. My thinking is have the ecu fire up the pump at a set boost say 0.8 bar then the ecu fire the solenoid at 0.9bar increasing in duty as the boost goes up. Im thinking if I have a switch that will tell the link the wmi is active and will run the high boost. Any ideas in ways I can accomplish this?
  11. Hi guys, Just a quick one is it possible to have the link plug in g4+ control the speedo on a celica st205. The reason I ask is a mate of mine has an erratic speedo and we got talking about having the link control it as its already controlling the rev counter. Cheers.
  12. Only just managed to get round to checking all this and swapping the pins round did the trick Thanks for all the input people I now need cure a fuel leak haha
  13. I got my car back last night I will have a look at this after work today
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