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  1. Adzn3k

    CANBUS settings??

    Cheers for the help. I was concerned that I'd have too many things going through canbus. Am I pushing it now or is there still room for any more for instance if I wanted to use the other 4 egt sensors?
  2. Adzn3k

    CANBUS settings??

    Hi guys, With the current lockdown giving me too much time on my hands I've decided to work my way through the stuff i have on the 'I'll do it one day' shelf haha. Anyway I'm currently running a Plug in link g4+, I have an AEM X wideband connected via canbus and it works great. I have planned to utilise the canbus more by adding an ECU master egt to can and also an AEMnet Canbus gauge. i would like to use the egt to monitor the 4 cylinders and the AEM gauge to display the following info: OIL TEMP, OIL PRESSURE, MGP and IAT. I have searched and have looked in the help file to put the settings but as its all new to me i'd just like someone with more experience using canbus to have a look over to see if I'm barking up the right tree lol. Ive attached what ive done so far canbus settings.pclr they will all be connected using a hub thats being made as we speak that will have termination resistors available on a switch
  3. I followed the above advice and it worked
  4. Bit of a follow up on this. Turns out the unit was faulty so sent back and an aem x wideband has been purchased
  5. So tried a new sensor and still the same issue. So must be the module.
  6. So tonight connected to the spartan via Bluetooth and the same issue as what's seen in the link s OK must be a fault on the spartan
  7. We changed that and the reading went to zero
  8. On the log you can see where the temp drops on the lambda when it's disconnected
  9. changed that and theres no errors but its not showing any readings see attached log file and adjusted map Log 2019-09-29 3;22;14 pm.llg now this one.pclr
  10. ok trying now its still not working
  11. does the spartan need to be connected to via Bluetooth to change it to default mode?
  12. do I have to set up the stream to show the lambda 1?
  13. it says in the instructions that the spartan has a termination resistor built in and is enabled from factory. ive read the manual 3 times now it should just be wire it in tell the ecu that its a lambda-can and away you go
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