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  1. @Scott, so you suggest to keep a stock Audi ECU as well, or the Link can initiate the CAN bus?
  2. @quattro5v, the chassis is a 2001 A3 8L quattro, the engine is a 1999 AQA 20v. It has been rebuilt with forged rods, Mahle motorsport pistons, ferrea valves and arp bolts. The wiring loom of the interior is a 1999 pre facelift, and will only be used for the cluser and A/C. The wiring loom of the engine is a AUM for 2000 km initial roll, which will be done using the 317cc injectors in no boost 0- 2000 rpm, and then a Link G4 Storm with a new loom that i have made. My concern is how will I be able to use the instrument clusters as they need some sensor inputs directly from sensors that I connect to the Link ECU. @Scott, thank you for the answer! The car will only host 2 seats, the dash and door panels. Everything else is gone :-)
  3. Hello, I would like to ask if someone has used a link G4 storm ECU on a 20v engine with the following specs Forged conrods / pistons stock diameter GTX3071R / 0.63 TiAL MVS 44 external Deka 870cc injectors 4bar intank VDO + Bosch 044 exterbak fuelpump Mac boost control solenoid --- If so, do you have any recomendations or corrections to the above setup as it is currently put together? Also, in order to use the instruments cluster I will drive them off the CAN output from the Link ECU? The car has stripped interior and will only use A/C due to the climate in Greece. BR Panos
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