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  1. I assume by "3 pin" these must be SPDT.  There are a few ways you can do it but the easiest would be; The center or common pin goes to ground, then either one of the outside pins goes to a DI. The 3rd pin wont be connected to anything.  You will need one DI for each switch.



    The switch is just a little rocker switch with a small led in the middle

    It has a ground pin, 12v pin, accessory pin

    So im assuming accessory pin to the DI on ecu, ground to ground and would i connect the 12v to a switched live for the led to work?

  2. Hi im looking to install 2 switches, one for anti lag and one for launch control on my supra using the G4+ supra link

    Id like to get them installed ready for my tuner to start work but im unsure exactly how to wire them?

    Im using 3 pin switches

    I believe i need to wire to a digital input for each?

    What about the other pins on the switches?


  3. Hi im looking for advise on where to wire a Bosch 2 wire knock sensor and a 3 pin Titan Motorsport oil pressure sensor

    Bosch Knock sensor will completely replace the  factory single pin sensors and the 2jz has no oil sensor as such, just the stock switch so using the stock wiring is no good for either

    I have a G4+ SupraLink plug in fitted, 2jz non vvti and i have an XS expansion loom ready to go in

    Im just looking to complete the install to save having to pay my mapper to do any wiring

    Here is the loom i have and i think ive identified the correct wire colours, just unsure which to use for the above sensors


  4. Is it possible to use the Toucan display normally used on Syvecs installs on a SupraLink G4+?


    Im trying to avoid gauges as i already have 6 installed in the car and also need to wire in some form of switch to change between maps


    It will be ideal for me to have one unit to show all including switching between maps, anti lag activation etc



  5. I just looked at the most recent 2JZ that I done and it was -5 too so at least there does seem to be a common theme with these.  If you have no RPM showing in PC link then it suggests a trigger issue.  It could also be antitheft or ecuhold power settings but I don't think the supra base maps have those functions enabled. 

    Can you do a trigger scope and post a screen shot here?  Also do a log during cranking and post that together with your .pclr (map) here.

    Thanks, ill post those up at some point today

    Another thing to be sure of is that the ECU has been unlocked by the dealer as the triggers are disabled until this is done.


    ECU is still locked as its brand new straight out the box, Triggers do show as locked BUT it allows me to adjust them by clicking on "set base timing" input the number and hit enter.

    ill be gutted if its still locked and i cant even get the car started to check for leaks etc before it goes to the tuners

  6. Wondering if anyone can help with my starting issue on 2JZGTE supra non vvti

    Just installed the G4+ SupraLink and the car will not fire using the base timing/trigger settings pre set on the ecu (Trigger Offset -6)

    I was sent another base map from someone with a running car so i could try a different setting (trigger offset -13 & Ref.Timing 10.0) and that also wont work (Ignition on 2JZ cant be adjusted so been told it should be close enough)

    Everything is calibrated, TPS, MAP sensor etc and all reads OK

    Oil Pressure doesnt read when cranking but as far as im aware thats normal as its not configured for the stock sensor

    Im getting no RPM movement on the link whilst trying to crank so it has to be something related to crank/cam sensors?

    We fit new uprated cams at the same time as the ecu install but the engine itself is 100% timed correctly and its definately getting fuel as spark plugs all were wet from previous attempts

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