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  1. hi can i use the 1zz triggers for the 2zz ge engine or not ? i have a custumor that wants to put a 2zz engine inanother car and i want to use a link ecu to control it . can i do this ? kind regards found it in the help menu
  2. StijnDvx

    Audi TT 1.8 20V Trigger errors

    i think the timing belt is off or something because all 1.8t with med 7.5 ecu are same trigger paterns .
  3. StijnDvx

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    any new on release date ??
  4. StijnDvx

    engine speed output and dccd controller

    Ok thnx will try that
  5. StijnDvx

    engine speed output and dccd controller

    hi , i'm runiing a g4+plugin v7-9 on a rally car but with no oem dash i have the dash 2 pro installed all working fine but i've installed a DCCD controller and it needs rpm signial i wirred the aux 4 directly through the dccd controller without the oem dash but i dont receive any signial is this caused because i dont have the oem dash installed ? because with the speed signial it was that problem . thnx in advance
  6. StijnDvx

    speed sensor input would not work tried everything ..

    Worked like a charm thnx
  7. StijnDvx

    g4 file convert to g4+

    Ok thnx didnt know that thank u verry much !
  8. StijnDvx

    g4 file convert to g4+

    hi can u guys convert this file easely to a g4+ file ? or do i need to change it myself because its a time consuming thin maybe u guys have a quick solution ? thnx in advance ep3.pcl
  9. StijnDvx

    speed sensor input would not work tried everything ..

    no didnt try because of the 12V connected to the ecu but will do this . thnx for the tip
  10. hi , i have a problem with the digital input of the speed sensor of a subaru i tired : other sensor rewirred the 3 wires 12v ground and signial manualy rotating the sensor tried another input on the ecu (di3 di4 and the oem di5 )maybe i made a fault ? i added the file or could there be a fault in the ecu ? thnx already for looking . xavier build motor hatch e85.pclr
  11. StijnDvx

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    its 6 days past that date any news ? need it also for a new laptop
  12. StijnDvx

    Problem with TPS in G4+ecu subaru plug&play

    Check the engine coolant temp sensor wirring to make sure the pins are correctly ground and 5v
  13. StijnDvx

    Internal knk on ttlink

    Ok stupid me overlooked the gain on each cilinder
  14. StijnDvx

    Internal knk on ttlink

    Will check that on anothet car i tried to set up because on my v3-v4 impreza its working perfect . maybe i uploaded the wrong map will look at it when i have the car. With me i just quickly adjusted a map to upload it sorry if thats the issue i feel realy stupid that i overlooked it
  15. StijnDvx

    Thunder e-throttle closed-loop idle (now resolved)

    Had the same issue on a ttlink so i also think its a bug