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  1. StijnDvx

    Problem with TPS in G4+ecu subaru plug&play

    Check the engine coolant temp sensor wirring to make sure the pins are correctly ground and 5v
  2. StijnDvx

    Internal knk on ttlink

    Ok stupid me overlooked the gain on each cilinder
  3. StijnDvx

    Internal knk on ttlink

    Will check that on anothet car i tried to set up because on my v3-v4 impreza its working perfect . maybe i uploaded the wrong map will look at it when i have the car. With me i just quickly adjusted a map to upload it sorry if thats the issue i feel realy stupid that i overlooked it
  4. StijnDvx

    Thunder e-throttle closed-loop idle (now resolved)

    Had the same issue on a ttlink so i also think its a bug
  5. StijnDvx

    Internal knk on ttlink

    hi i added the file . jochen 1.8t knock.pclr
  6. StijnDvx

    Internal knk on ttlink

    Hi i cant get knk readings on a tt link+ and tried it on several tt links is there a wirring i need to change ? thnx
  7. StijnDvx

    Subaru v3-4 knock sensor setup

    It reads fine and also looked at the help file i just want to know if someone else used the knock sensor of thr v3-4
  8. StijnDvx

    Subaru v3-4 knock sensor setup

    Hi what khz do best use on a ej20 with v3-4 knock sensor and g4+
  9. StijnDvx

    Dash2pro problem

    Ok thnx thats an easy fix
  10. StijnDvx

    Dash2pro problem

    Hi , i wired a dash2pro in and it works but only thing i cant get the ecu online on pc linkwith the dash connected setup is dash2 pro to can1 of a wrx v7-9 setup cansettings as in help When i disconnect the dash pc link gets online right away do i need to use can 2?
  11. StijnDvx

    subaru VVT control

    yeah i can see the values will note them down and send them
  12. StijnDvx

    subaru VVT control

    tried that didnt work ,on the base file they arent on also . wired in from di 1 and 2 to sensor to sensor ground
  13. StijnDvx

    subaru VVT control

    Hi, i retrofitted a my2004 sti engine in a my99 subaru i repinned everything and its running on the V5-V6 link g4+ but the cam control isnt reading the degrees . with the cam test on it reads some degrees but without the test not . but the soleoids are working acording to runtime value . added the cal jurgen piens my99 sti swap.pclr
  14. StijnDvx

    EGT sensor wire info

    Hi, i have a wrx link v3-4 and want to wire in a egt sensor i have one from link and a thermocouple but i was reading on the help and i didnt find the right way to wire it in ? i understand that i need an amplyfier can u tell me witch one i need?
  15. StijnDvx

    TT link g4+

    thnx for the reply i already redid the wirring to a narrowband .