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  1. StijnFSP

    K20 knock sensor

    Hi , is the k20 knock sensor good to use with a fury ecu ? Thnx stijn
  2. The one u showing on the picture is a actuator with vacuum and a position sensor not a electronic actuator
  3. StijnFSP


    Did u guys received the ecu ?
  4. StijnFSP


    The ecu should be there on monday
  5. StijnFSP


    Oke will ship it out tomorrow and let u giys know
  6. StijnFSP


    Ok , because i need the ecu back mid feb because its for a rally car
  7. StijnFSP


    Yes like that but in the car it is also not connecting , how long does it take to get it shipped over and checked ?
  8. StijnFSP


    hi the ecu is out of the car and on the bench green led lightning up and the firmwatre process doesnt detect the ecu
  9. StijnFSP


    I tried with some connection modes but i used to get connected in the car but it came back for retune and now i cant get connection . I now made a serial cable but i want to know if i’m not doing any mistakes how do i setup best the serial connection or are there any other ways to check the usb port on the board itself or something
  10. StijnFSP


    Anyone any other options or tvings i can check?
  11. StijnFSP


    Hi i have a proble with connection on a civic g4+ 98 i tried serial conection and usb the pc detects the link but doesnt connect in the program
  12. i want to disable the input speed on the idle with the dbw that was an issue
  13. hi can i use the 1zz triggers for the 2zz ge engine or not ? i have a custumor that wants to put a 2zz engine inanother car and i want to use a link ecu to control it . can i do this ? kind regards found it in the help menu
  14. i think the timing belt is off or something because all 1.8t with med 7.5 ecu are same trigger paterns .
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