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  1. Works perfect thnx
  2. hi i want to see the ethanol content on the aem dash can someone adapt my files or tell me how to do it ? k20 Fury 2.35 stroker efr 9180 1.6 bar boost VVT test.pclr wim link ecu.aemcd7
  3. StijnFSP

    Wheelspeed sensors

    ok i will shave some off
  4. StijnFSP

    Wheelspeed sensors

    ok thnx because they mounted opel wheelspeed sensors now reluctor type any sugestion on wiring
  5. StijnFSP

    S14a automatic

    Does the plug in ecu supports the automatic gearbox of a s14a?
  6. StijnFSP

    Wheelspeed sensors

    Hi i want to connect 3 wheelspeed sensors to the fury so what sensors can i use or how do i best set it up
  7. this will be boost creep . u will need to port the backhousing .
  8. StijnFSP

    K20 knock sensor

    Hi , is the k20 knock sensor good to use with a fury ecu ? Thnx stijn
  9. The one u showing on the picture is a actuator with vacuum and a position sensor not a electronic actuator
  10. StijnFSP


    Did u guys received the ecu ?
  11. StijnFSP


    The ecu should be there on monday
  12. StijnFSP


    Oke will ship it out tomorrow and let u giys know
  13. StijnFSP


    Ok , because i need the ecu back mid feb because its for a rally car
  14. StijnFSP


    Yes like that but in the car it is also not connecting , how long does it take to get it shipped over and checked ?
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