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  1. Yes i did . BUT after instaling the new loom permanent after testing ignition and injection the ground pin on the connecter i used popped a bit out and it didnt had good ground on the coils stupid f*** i am always looking to far . pulled the wire on the plug and the ground pin just came out thnx for the heads up but i was too focused on the triggers.
  2. hi yes i added new age STI coils direct spark to it . but did this many times before. they need +12v ground and signal . i made a new loom to the ecu . so what is wrong?
  3. ok its attached. log starting jimmy.llgx
  4. and i get trigger 1 state out of range while crancking
  5. hi i cant get this subaru started i tried : new cam an cranck sensors . and it drove into my shop on a autronic ecu perfect but he wanted to upgrade to a link G4X i added the file and scope log . can u please look at it quickly . best regards jimmy setup.pclx trigger jimmy.llgx
  6. i already did that and it worked but now the issue is its so slow it reads like ever 5 seconds and aem states 100 hz changes where can i look ?
  7. The rx and tx cables are in there but not connected at the other side does that matter?
  8. hi , i added the canbus to can 1 on the TT link but with the can 1 plug connected pc link disconnects and i cant connect to pc link when i plug out the can 1 connector it connects perfect i had this issue in the past but dont know anymore how to solve it .
  9. hi , what is the best option to use the canbus on the ttlink for an addidtional aem x series lamda over canbus because the oem car uses canbus also ? or od i need to use the analogue output? and does someone have a base file with the settings setup ? best regards stijn .
  10. StijnFSP

    monsoon canbus

    hi , can i put a aim dash and can lambda on the same canbus on the monsoon ?
  11. StijnFSP

    Lean on load

    Ok thnx was thinking of setting it up like that thnx
  12. StijnFSP

    Lean on load

    Hi is there a way to build in a lean on load safety feature? Ir what axis should i use on a gprevlimit? Best regards
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