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  1. In my current setup i have Bosch EV14 550cc injectors (0 280 158 117) and i've had some trouble with setup. Dead times according Ford Racing are 14V 0.538 12V 0.846 Flow rate according same source is 490cc/3bar/80% Duty cycle. Static flow rate is said to be 532cc/min https://www.fiveomotorsport.com/bosch-ev14-0280158117 I also found different information. One of the tables gave following information with same 3bar 8V 2.7 10V 1.54 12V 1.12 14V 0.7316V 0.523 Then i found test sheet which gave me following number which are now in use. They were from actual lab test. 8V 2.184 - 10V 1.435 -11V 1.210 - 12V 1.041 - 13V 0.907 - 14V 0.789 - 15V 0.699 According to a friend who has done a lot of tuning and research with these things my settings are still maybe 0.1 too small between 12-14V . Still none of these are not even close to numbers which ford has given. My problem has been Ve-table which has too big numbers. (80-135). i Tried to add 0.1 in dead times but that brought back hot start lean problems. Then i changed number back. Then i tried 3bar/490/80% duty cycle flow rate and now VE table scaled down quite nicely. From 60 to 103. When you setup injector size in fuel injector setup is it supposed to be static flow rate or max flow rate with predetermined duty cycle? Does somebody have more accurate information or should i stick with my numbers?
  2. Now it starts to look good. Lowest values are still quite high but on the other hand 0,75L cylinder needs more fuel than smaller bores. I was thinking about location of IAT sensor. Woud it be better to weld a bung in venturi pipe or in throttle body? It would be quite easy to bore and tap threads in TB. In the other end of the plenum i have all the vacuum connectors and there is still one slot free which could be also used. Picture engine bay below Engine bay Free slot
  3. Standing corrected I'll fix those things.
  4. Went through all the menus/setting which i thought are necessary for acceptable result. IAT is now disabled but it caused problems immediately. In Porsche 944 intercooler is in nasty place where it gets heat soak when standing on idle. IAT temperatures tend to raise around 45C and even over it. It comes down as soon as you drive a bit faster but on the idle and crawling speeds it is a problem. Earlier i fixed that with IAT correction but now i don't know how to archive same result. Maybe by tweakng idle solenoid opening values. Then about tuning. Usually i have done it so that i disable everything which might interfere fuel table building. Acceleration enrichment, lambda correction ect. Then i've been driving around and my friend has done the numbers. High power areas we have done with auto tune and then tweaked it a bit to get it nice and smooth. End result has been nice fuel table where afr-ratios are all in place even without labda correction. In the end i'll just switch those features back on. Is this ok way of tuning modelled system or should it be done differently? New pclr file is attached but only idle cells are on the right area and their values are still too high. Edit: I already noticed that my IAT sensor might not be in best place. It is quite close to throttle body but on the wrong side of it. Maybe i have to fix that first... 944multi_corrected.pclr
  5. Ok. I already altered fuel mass value and now numbers in the fuel table changed a lot. In the Left upper corner (idle) values are now around 78-80. Have to disable that IAT correction too. It is very irritating to start tuning over old map which apparently has more false than right values in the setup fields.
  6. I suppose those values just came in the boxes when i switched to modeled mode. Have to investigate those numbers. Thanks.
  7. True that. Might be possible to play a bit with fuel pressure but on the other hand set of 750cc EV14 injectors doesn't cost a fortune. Today we changed fuelling mode to modelled and made some tuning. It's far from ready but very well driveable. Hot start problems are gone and car works better than ever. The big question is the numbers in the table. It looks quite strange. I understand the units but the numbers don't make much sense to me. Are those percentages some kind of corrections to estimated fuel calculations? This would explain it but if that is not the case there has to be something very badly wrong... Could somebody have eye on my PCLR file? 944multi.pclr
  8. Ok. Thanks alot! Yes, i know those injectors are a bit on the limit with E85. Especially when you get to change the ignition mapping. We'll see how it goes with duty cycle. I'm not planning to go beyond 350hp and if they appear to be too small then i just have to buy new ones.
  9. Hi When i got my car it was tuned by local firm and after some digging of it i' not at all satisfied with it. Scaling is crap, basically from 20-27 in the whole table(MGP) and according to how it behaves injector setup isn't right either. Hot start issues (goes very lean when IAT rises). Injectors were totally wrong in 300hv engine (bosch EV14 1200cc). First we did a remap and got it better but probably because of those injectors it is hard to get wider scale in fuel table. Fuel economy is quite poor too... I have now changed injectors to EV14 550cc and because there really isn't much to spare from the previous tunes i have decided to do it all over again. I tried to scale down master fuel but even when i got it sorted my car started to run very rich. With 1200cc injectors MF was 14ms and according to my math it should have been in right area with 550cc injectors and 31ms. It wasn't and car ran idle at 0,7AFR. So with tune like this it is probably better to start it all over. Basic setup is 3.0L 4-cyl supercharged engine with those Bosch EV14 550cc injectors and COP ignition. My plan is to drive with ethanol in near future and i'm also planning to install continental ethanol sensor. Plan is to get it right first with gas, then with ethanol and in the end i'll have multi fuel sensor wired. If i understood right it is better to do it in modelled mode. The problem is that i'm missing some information of injectors. I do have dead time tables but that's about it. I don't have injector setup menu where to pick up right injectors (is that firmware related?). Does somebody have basic information of my injectors which i could use in my new tune? Injectors are standard model of EV14 550cc with delphi connector. That sheet doesn't give much information to begin with. http://www.bosch-motorsport.com/media/catalog_resources/Injection_Valve_EV_14_Datasheet_51_en_2775993867pdf.pdf Tuning itself isn't a problem, it's the setup...
  10. Which way this should be taken care of? I made corrections in 0% line of TPS/IAT map and that cured the problem but is there better way to do that?
  11. Multiplier was set to 1. Tried with 100 Ohm pull-up resistor. Still no life in the meter. My friend took a sample with oscilloscope from his 944 turbo (with Augtronic) and his tacho works fine. Can anyone verify is this signal is similar to a signal from Vi-pec?
  12. Yes. I connected signal wire directly from vipec to tacho terminal and draw ground and positive wires directly from battery. Tested with original tacho and even bought other 100% working unit which doesn't work either with vi-pec. That doesn't leave much choice.
  13. I bought supercharged S2 few month ago. It has i44 ecu and it works fine except rev counter. Tacho is enabled from the settings but the needle doesn't move. Is it possible that the signal from the ECU is too weak for the original tachometer? Installation is made by finnish firm which sells these products and they couldn't sort that problem (according previous owner). Original Moronic sends 12V square wave to rev counter. It is not hi-level rev counter which would be connected to the negative side of the ignition coil. Do i need pull-up resistor or other kind of amplifier between i44 and rev counter?
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