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  1. Leonsnow

    bmw x5 e throttle

    thank you so much
  2. Leonsnow

    bmw x5 e throttle

    hello i need the wiring diagram for this bmw x5 v8 2002 / 2003 e throttle - link g4 extreme . ( 6 pins ) and the pedal if possible ( 6 pins too ) thank you
  3. hello Guys , any one knows or did wire a 350z VSS to link ecu , do you guys have the wiring diagram , is there any compatibility problem with link ecu ? if I configure it as LF VSS on link , does it work ?
  4. Emmmm Running wasted and got same setting but with different Spark duration , and experience coils getting hot ;(
  5. Hello Anyone here has an experience with honda CRV coils , it comes with built in igniter 3 pins diagram I want to know , it goes rising or falling edge ?and how do I figure it out . Thank you.v much
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