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  1. Varinn

    e30 s52 which ECU

    Figured as much, so if I'm looking at repinning anyways you were recommending earlier going to a full wire-in. What is the benefit to doing it that way versus taking the e36 pnp unit and rewiring it to match? Which unit would be the best for my purpose? As mentioned the only REAL change I hope to make is maybe switching to ITB's (and dumping the MAF for a MAP sensor) or depending how things are going dropping an M90 onto the block so I need at least enough adaptability to handle the extra inputs/outputs. Friend is looking to send his V88 my direction (for a cost, of course) so he can upgrade to one of your newer models in his RX. Would this be a good match for me or are the new G4 units a better suit? Appreciate all the input!
  2. Varinn

    e30 s52 which ECU

    MS41.2, technically. From all my understanding and looking around on the subject the MS41.0 is European M3. MS41.1 is for the M52B28, MS41.2 is the M52 ECU flashed for the S52B32. A link to the realoem (basically the most accurate parts diagram for BMW on the net) for my engine lists MS41.1 as the software. I know I have MS41.2 but I think the hardware is the same. I can pull my ECU out tonight after work and see what info I can gather off of it, if all else fails I can go ahead with a wire-in option but this seemed like a nice tidy solution to get all the features but keeping an oem mount method. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=BG93-USA---E36-BMW-M3&diagId=12_1993 EDIT2: Diagram for the M50TUB25 lists the ecu as an M3.3.1. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=CB33-USA-04-1994-E36-BMW-325i&diagId=12_1993
  3. Varinn

    e30 s52 which ECU

    i'm not familiar with the harness for that dme but I can do some digging. I do know that the S50B32 (euro m3 spec) is a very different animal from my s52 (north american spec). It has twin cam vanos vs my single, itb's, higher compression, higher revs, etc. It is essentially an earlier version of an S54B32, where mine is nothing but a mildly hopped up M50/M52. I will see what I can find about the s50b32 pinout vs the m50tub25 an my s52.
  4. Varinn

    e30 s52 which ECU

    I have an e30 with an S52B32 swapped over from an e36 M3. The motor is currently stock, I run a modified OBD2 dme programmed to delete functions and trouble codes that I don't use. The only people who can program this unit are in the states and shipping me DME back and forth with every change I want to do is tedious. I'd like to be able to do this local either with friends (who are experienced with tuning) or on a dyno. You guys sell a plug-in ECU for an M50TUB25 which is like an early version of my engine as far as I know it. From what I can see the DME pinouts are close, but not exact. I'm considering picking this up for the sake of having it fit like oem, but it may take some wiring to make it work anyways in which case I'm wondering if the v88 is a better fit overall. I've already wired my entire engine harness for the swap, I'm not afraid to open the main DME connector and move pins around to match the plug-in setup. My friend has parted out his supercharged Miata and is looking to sell his V88, which is why that's the other option. (The plug-in unit would be cheaper) PS: If I can get onto standalone the mods coming down the pipe are simple things, exhaust (headers and a better system), cams (schrick), and the big one is I'm currently designing an adapter plate to mount the S54B32 independent throttle bodies and plenum to the S52 head.
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