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  1. I have replied to your email, so please check your inbox and let me know how you go. Regards, Vonny.
  2. Hi AbbeyMS, Yes it still has the VVEL and CVTC. I think you're correct in saying that the issue lies with the cam trigger. I have scoped the crank trigger and both LH & RH inlet cam position sensors and compared it to the VQ35DE. The patterns appear the same but the phasing is slightly shifted. I guess this is what is causing the trigger errors and is possibly due to the VVEL/CVTC. Sorry about the separate screen shots, I wasn't able to display the complete 720deg cycle in one screen. Is there another trigger signal that can be used that wont shift or is there an option for a custom trigger setup?
  3. Thanks Scott, I have now connected all 4 TPS wires to AN Volt channels 1 to 4 and both throttles are now working. There are still some throttle related error messages to work out, but at least both throttles are opening/closing in sync. But I'm also having another issue Scott, where the RPM is quite erratic. Triggers are connected in piggy-back and Trigger Setup used is "VQ35". I have yet to verify the scope pattern but i believe it is the same ie. "10-2, 10-2, 10-2". At idle, the engine speed spikes excessively even with trigger filtering at "4". Is there anything you can suggest Scott? I'll also report back with the crank trigger scope as soon as I can. Regards, Vonny.
  4. Ok Thanks for that Scott. Ill just change the pin configuration on the breakout harness for this particular application, and ill remember this for future installations. Thanks again! Regards Vonny.
  5. Hi All, I am configuring a G4+Thunder wire-in ECU to run a Nissan 370z with Dual Drive-by-wire Throttles. I need to know if TP(Main), TP(Sub) are configurable across all AN Volt Inputs ie. AN Volt 1-16 ?? Or am i only able to use AN Volt 1-12 ? I am currently trying to use AN Volt 13 &14 for TP 2 (Main) and (Sub) but there's no options for it. Im doing this as i am using an extension/breakout harness and its already been wired to pins D8 & D9. Is this possible at all, or do i have to use a different input? Thanks in advance !!!
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