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  1. Hi there, My tablet (Telcast X80 Pro) doesn't want to display my engine RPM. Tablet works fine displaying all other information in real time. I have the exact same data displayed on my laptop and RPM is displayed correctly. I have notice that in the laptop picture the RPM gauge says "engine speed" in green and on the tablet it doesn't. I have tried changing the size of the gauge, size of gauge and position of gauge but nothing works. Both gauges (laptop and tablet) have been selected from VIEW>CURVE GAUGE>TRIGGERS>ENGINE SPEED. Any ideas?
  2. Cheers for the info guys, much appreciated
  3. Aux 4 will be dedicated to the tacho. Im in the stages of making a diagram for my car and want to make sure everything will work when it's wired in. As for the grounding pin I'm refering to the one that will ground the tacho. Is there another way of running the tacho i.e using an inductive clamp off the HT lead plug no. 1?
  4. Kia Ora, How would you go about wiring a tacho off a wasted spark setup to a factory dash cluster so it reads correctly? I'm running the tacho off of Aux 4. Also could i run the earth straight from the pin to common ground? Cheers
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