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  1. i dont see any tune. thats right, you can even lower the dwell until you lose power on the dyno or have misfire (sometimes you are gonna see lost on power before hearing a misfire), and then rise the dwell until you stop gaining power, you want to have as lower dwell time as you can.
  2. I will suggest to read the help section about antilag, but that table is in degrees that you are gonna take out of the ing table, so is all in negative numbers, thats why the software dont allows positive numbers on that table.
  3. For what I see you want to keep everything like stock, and unless you find a plug and play ecu with total support for the CAN on your car, you are not gonna have it. You can try install a ecu as a piggyback to have full control over the engine and leave the integration to the car to the stock ECU.
  4. yes it will need a retune, a safe way to start is to take out some timing and put more fuel everywhere on the boost area, is better to start rich that lean.
  5. Hi Mohamad, post a log on the street and your rom so we can have a look.
  6. I dont know what engine or specs are you running cause with that boost you could have 300hp, on some engines even more. If you have to much boost on the midrange you just need to adjust the WGDC map, you dont have to run let say 70-90% of WGDC you could run from 0 to 100 if you need it for your needs. Post a rom and log file to check it out. Regards,
  7. 0.5 spring pressure to 1.5 bar with solenoide sound about right... what turbo are you running in that engine?
  8. what boost is making on just the spring of the WG?
  9. Rossobianconero


    I would sugest going to the dyno and work on your ignition map as there is to many variables to recomend you a specific ignition timing for your engine, the last 4efte engine that I tune on 97 ron pump gas had 25 degrees at one bar and 7.500rpm was a build engine so i dont remember the compresion or the work on the head but has a td04 turbo.
  10. the stock ej25 engines that I had tune, if they have bigger turbo than stock see power right until redline (around 7.000rpm). it should have planty of power with that engine and turbo combo.
  11. if you here what could be detonation is better to drop not a few but a lot of degree lets say 5-7 to be sure that thats the cause or that is what you are hearing. I have found that the same engine in different places like different lambdas (k20A engines), so I would say that play safe like Adamw recomend you and then on the dyno try leaing the fuelmap.
  12. just log the car and see if is close to the AFR target or too way off. I'm guessing is a NA engine so the chances of kill the engine for a little change in the lambda is low, post a log on your new setup and tell us a little bit about what engine are we talking about.
  13. post your rom to see if we found something odd, and a logger cranking aswell. If it had to much fuel to crank thats a easy fix. Regards
  14. The help in the software can help you out with those ones. But there is a guy that post here on the forum another "formula" for the CCL configuration that apparently work very well I havent try it my self. But that's gonna depend if you have one of the big ecu of link, the CCL control you will only found it from the extreme up.
  15. Rossobianconero


    you will have no problem maxing out the VF37 with the stock engine, it can take that turbo no problem with a proper tune.
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