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  1. Rossobianconero

    1jz storm base map needed

    post your rom to try to see if something is missing
  2. Rossobianconero

    Swifts track car

    what a fun race... you almost had it! you need 5-10 more hp!!!
  3. Rossobianconero

    Swifts track car

    I always wanted one of those cars! great engine!
  4. Rossobianconero

    Honda pcl files

    if you ask me I would start with the rom of the plug and play option for the civic, I have use b16 roms on all 90' honda engine and they are always a good starting point, cause is such a simple engine anything would do the job. the Vtec killer with large cams is gonna be a pain in the us to drive on the street, but is gonna sound amazing when the cams match the engine at hight rpm. I would stay under 28° or even 26° at wot before going to the dyno to be safe.
  5. Rossobianconero

    4G93T MBT?

    I have never work with that engine before but I'm guessing is like a EVO engine, in that cause we have 97RON fuel here and I have never reach MBT at that pressure with that fuel, I would need a meth/water injection or something else. But the dyno will tell the story, if running less timing make more power be careful cause it could mean you have knock with the old map that have more timing (I dont know if you are running any type of knock sensor on your setup), if it is a stock ecu sometimes I have found that running to much timing make the sensor pickup knock and retard the all ignition map and make the car actually slower that a ignition map with less timing and no knock.
  6. Rossobianconero

    2jzgte idle settings

    sound like the accel enrichment is off, do the same as with the idle map, save the rom and then have a go with the accel enrichment, you can tune the part that you are taking about pretty much without touching the street or the dyno, and then go for a ride.
  7. Rossobianconero

    Ignition timing question

    you just need to tune your engine, any respetable tuner should do a good job on a NA build like yours. I have tune some BMW engines and if you ask me they normally run from 25-28 of advance at wot with everything tune (good fuel map). The base map is always safe so is normal that a final tune has more timing and normally less fuel aswell. If you are gonna tune the engine I would start with the base map not the one from the rally car. Tune the fuel map and then go to the dyno and tune the timing.
  8. Rossobianconero

    SR20DET problems (link storm)

    I dont see lambda on your log, is the engine misfire at that rpm? why you brake 2 rocker arms? cause if you dont know why it may happen again
  9. Rossobianconero

    Sr20det timing issue?

    yess check the timing and just to be safe check that you have oil going into the turbo...
  10. Rossobianconero

    Ka24det with the atom G4+

    post your map so we can see if we find something odd. if everything is correct it should be just take some time setting up the fuel more than the timing (almost anything from 5-15 degree should do it).
  11. Rossobianconero

    Supra 2JZ-GTE 901 whp

    at what boost did you got that power?
  12. Rossobianconero

    ECU for Audi FSI Engines

    even the stock ecu is not up to the task to controlle the 8 injectors, the factory use 2 ecu to controlle the engine one to controlle everything and one just to control one bank of injectors and ignition if I remember correctly. We have one of those engine at the shop and we are trying to make it run with the stock ecu with just a reflash to retard ignition and then use a linkecu to control 8 port injectors to get the lambda that we want with the new twin turbo setup. Is not easy to make the engine run with the stock ecu without all the others ecu of the factory car, but can be done.
  13. Rossobianconero

    methanol or ethanol to run in Flex Fuel setup

    it will only be run probably at 50% and then use all the fuel tank and then the car wil rest with 100% pump gas.
  14. Rossobianconero

    methanol or ethanol to run in Flex Fuel setup

    Hi, Just like the title say, what do you think about running methanol or ethanol in flexfuel setup with pump gas. Have you try methanol in lets say 50% with pump gas? to compare to E50? which one you prefer and why? I have run ethanol in flexfuel but never methanol, I have run 100% methanol but only in drag cars... Let me know what do you think.
  15. Rossobianconero

    'Save All' logs

  16. Rossobianconero

    Idle ignition table limits

    I think that the way you say can be done, but I will like to try the other way. 3500rpm will be nice as RPM lockout.
  17. Rossobianconero

    Idle ignition table limits

    I think this may be very simple to apply in future updates of the software. The idle ignition control allowe to control idle until 2550 rpm, what is usually enough but in some touring car engines the idle sit just in that range, which make it difficult to control idle easier (we don't run IAC on this engines). If you can make that limit even higher would be great. Regards
  18. Rossobianconero

    error code 22 car wont start

    An V5 at 5Volts, it mean that the analogue voltage number 5 has high voltage, cause you have problems with that sensor or something else is wrong. What do you have connected there?
  19. Rossobianconero

    F20c trigger setup

    You cant do this with the k20a engines, the trigger on each cam is different... I think I will make the loom long enough to be available to run both sensors.
  20. Rossobianconero

    F20c trigger setup

    Are you sure Simon? cause I pretty sure I ask on the chat the other day and they say I should use exhaust cam. Looking at the help window that say left hand cam I would believe is the intake one... can you confirm this?
  21. Rossobianconero


    I check your trigger setup and there are not the ones that you find in the SR20DET (nissan optical), If you have the stock nissan sr20det triggers on your engine you will have to start configurating those first, is easy just check in the help windows and follow the instructions.
  22. Rossobianconero

    Which ECU should I go with?

    Good choice, I have use AEM EMS4 (a lot of time disconnect from the laptop I dont know why, it happend to us with a lot of different EMS4 and laptop combinations) and others brand like that and the storm or the xtreme are by far better ecus and "biggers", more inputs output, etc, a more fair comparision would be against the monsoon or the atom. I have play a lot with the boost control on the g4+ range and I will have to say that you dont really (or you can have good result without the traction control) need the traction control to have good power output control on the track. If it is a 1/4 mile car you just need boost by gear to have a good result, on trackcars I like to use the WGDC map with RPM/TPS, so you have the control on the right foot.
  23. Rossobianconero

    Closed Loop fuel trims

    I Will love to give it a try but you can't on the storm G4+, bummer...
  24. Rossobianconero


    On race car I dont run any GP limit, just warnings for the driver is his call to lift if something goes wrong cause you dont want the engine to limit to 2000rpm on the final straight of a 3 hour race case the oil temp is high or the mixture went lean, is his call (at least in serious racing). But any guy on the street or a track day would be more than happy to safe the engine even if they lost there flying lap or the rolling race on the highway. A Dash is the way to go from this, is more expensive and probably something can be done for the next ecu to make this a little easy.
  25. Rossobianconero

    Atom - GTIR SR20 Intermittent Spark

    Great to know man... happened to us on a race weekend when I wasnt with the team, it wasnt funny but we sort it out on time.