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  1. Did you follow the steps that are explain in the help file? The Nissan 360 Opto Trigger Mode is designed for use with Nissan optical Crank Angle Sensors (CAS) that have 360 evenly spaced slots and 4,6 or 8 different width slots. Digital trigger decoding uses all of the 360 slots to achieve precise engine position calculation. Of the 4, 6 or 8 slots, one will be wider than the others. This Widest Slot is used by the ECU to determine the engines position in the firing order. As the width of this slot varies depending on the exact CAS used, an automated setup procedure has been provided. Note: THE ENGINE WILL NOT START when Test ECCS Sync is turned ON. Setup Procedure: Setup ECCS Trigger Decoding as follows (Read the entire process and ensure you understand before starting): 1.Ensure the 360 slot signal is wired to the ECUs Trig 1 input. 2.Ensure the 4,6 or 8 slot signal is wired to the ECUs Trig 2 input. 3.Switch the key on, do not start the engine. 4.Connect to the ECU using PCLink. 5.Ensure all Configuration options are correct. 6.Under the Fuel heading, select Fuel Setup. Set Injection Mode to OFF. This will prevent the engine from starting. 7.Under the Triggers heading, select Trigger Setup. 8.Select Nissan 360 Opto as the Trigger Mode. Note that this will initialise all trigger inputs to default values. The default values are as follows: ·Trigger 1: ·Trigger 1 Type = Optical/Hall ·Trigger 1 Pull up = ON ·Trigger 1 Filtering = Level 1 ·Trigger 2: ·Trigger 2 Type = Optical/Hall ·Trigger 2 Pull up = ON ·Trigger 2 Filtering = Level 1 9.Select the resolution mode. Select Low Res Mode = ON for engines with aggressive cam shaft profiles or lightweight flywheels. This will provide improved timing stability on engines that have large variations in CAS rotation speed per revolution. 10.Set Test ECCS Sync to ON. This will put the ECU into a special mode where it will automatically calculate the position of the widest slot. Note that in this mode the ECU will disable both fuel and ignition. Enabling this function will also initialise the ECCS Widest Slot value to 0. 11.Open the Triggers/Limits tab of the Runtime Values window (F12 key). 12.Crank the engine. This will start the widest slot calculation procedure. This procedure will take about 4 seconds. If the procedure executes correctly, the following should be observed: ·The Trig 2 Signal run time value will display YES first, indicating the ECU detects a correct 4, 6 or 8 slot trigger signal. If this value displays as NO during cranking, check sensor output and wiring. ·Trig 1 Signal runtime value will then display YES, indicating the ECU detects a correct 360 slot trigger signal. If this value displays as NO during cranking, check sensor output and wiring. ·Finally the ECCS Sync runtime value will display YES when the process has finished. ·ECCS Widest Slot will change from zero to a value indicating the width of the slot (typically between 5 and 25). 13.If after 10 seconds of cranking the ECCS Widest Slot value is still zero, an error has occurred. Recheck all trigger wiring and test the CAS output. If this is OK, repeat the entire procedure. 14.If the process completed successfully, switch Test ECCS Sync to OFF. 15.Remembering that the Injection Mode is still set to OFF, crank the engine and check that a stable engine speed (RPM) is obtained and the value is consistent with a typical cranking speed. 16.Set Injection Mode back to the desired option. 17.If all is OK, perform a store to permanently save all settings to the ECU. 18.Set the base timing before attempting to start the engine (DO NOT JUST TRY STARTING THE ENGINE!).
  2. On the boost control trims, we have a GP trim that on the help file say only work on openloop. I found it great to use it for example to lower the boost if exhaust temp get to high. But for what I see on the software, it doesnt really apply on closeloop, I'm right? If so would be great to have that trim as a GP target trimp aswell.
  3. Rossobianconero

    G4x Base map

    yes you can get around that, but is a lot easier and faster to just have the ability to use an output like in the g4+, is not a bug, it would just be easier.
  4. Rossobianconero

    G4x Base map

    I was trying to make a Nissan VVL (sr20ve) map, with dual Fuel map and ignition map, but you dont have the option to make the change from one map to the other with a output, Just virtual aux, di, candi, etc, but not the outputs like in the G4+, And the help file mension that you can use a output to trigger the change on the maps. I'm guessing that need to be fix.
  5. Maybe in the X series? I can wait to check the new software
  6. Well the oil temp Is actually not that important because has never been really a problem, if the dash shows the oil temp Is More than enought, i can wire the sensors With a External module that you wire To the dash Is actually aem to. The guys at aem said that it can't be done. That the dash can send info but not that kind of info. If you have done it ir try it i Will like to know.
  7. Talking about info vía CAN, with a Atom2 G4+, i know i can send information vía can to my dash (aem cd5 with logger), the question can i send information that Is not wire To the ECU but Is wire To the dash (oil temp, oil pressure, exhaust temp) be send to the ECU vía can from my dash?
  8. I ussually set a gp limits with x axis being lambda and Y axis load, that way you decide how much boost you accept at a define afr. If you have a worrying lean spot and you are trusting in the closeloop doing all the work, you should spend some times tuning your Fuel map with the CL off
  9. you can use it, we have used even on high power 6 cylinder road racing engines (+600hp engines). You just can log everything even if you have the sensor but is a good "cheap" option, and can log a lot of data.
  10. I check a couple of cams and the spec of those cams, they look "small". I havent tune a B series with those cams, it would be interesting to see a dyno overlay with the stock cam and with that cam to see if it gaing in midrange atleast. you have the Vtec activation at 5400rpm?
  11. I have one of those engine at the worshop with a turbo kit, let me check the trigger patter tomorrow. Should run great with the monsoon.
  12. done, we were running the stock ecu before, and make no changes to the triggers, so I'm guessing they should be the same.
  13. I have a storm wire to a LS7 engine, is a turbo setup but, should work either way. Send me your email address so I can email the file from my other laptop.
  14. Yes you can always improve the cooling system, but I'm talking about engines with 100-150whp per cylinders, in roadracing na engine we usually don't have engine temp problems, thanks for the info, 3 degrees is not gonna cut it.
  15. In roadracing cars engine temp is a big problem with high power engines, I have never really try e85 to lower engine temp, I have seen that even race fuel lower egt and e85 aswell but I have not yet try it and check if it lower engine temp, have someone go from pump gas to e85 or racefuel and see lower engine temps? Regards
  16. the dyno is gonna be your best friend for vvt tuning, cause is not na you can just see your lambda to check that your VE is increasing or decreasing (more or less power). cause you are FI sometimes you can see higher boost but doesnt necessarily mean you are making more power (at least in turbo engines)
  17. you are hitting your map limit a couple of time.
  18. I would suggest that you post your romfile and a log so we can have a look.
  19. i dont see any tune. thats right, you can even lower the dwell until you lose power on the dyno or have misfire (sometimes you are gonna see lost on power before hearing a misfire), and then rise the dwell until you stop gaining power, you want to have as lower dwell time as you can.
  20. I will suggest to read the help section about antilag, but that table is in degrees that you are gonna take out of the ing table, so is all in negative numbers, thats why the software dont allows positive numbers on that table.
  21. For what I see you want to keep everything like stock, and unless you find a plug and play ecu with total support for the CAN on your car, you are not gonna have it. You can try install a ecu as a piggyback to have full control over the engine and leave the integration to the car to the stock ECU.
  22. yes it will need a retune, a safe way to start is to take out some timing and put more fuel everywhere on the boost area, is better to start rich that lean.
  23. Hi Mohamad, post a log on the street and your rom so we can have a look.
  24. I dont know what engine or specs are you running cause with that boost you could have 300hp, on some engines even more. If you have to much boost on the midrange you just need to adjust the WGDC map, you dont have to run let say 70-90% of WGDC you could run from 0 to 100 if you need it for your needs. Post a rom and log file to check it out. Regards,
  25. 0.5 spring pressure to 1.5 bar with solenoide sound about right... what turbo are you running in that engine?
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