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  1. Regarding the second part of your question if it is a Plug-in Ecu the map sensor is built in to the ecu board, (new if possible) vacume line from this Map sensor is in most cases runn through the fire wall to the engines intake plenum, connection to the intake plenum (arfter the TB) should be made towards the rear of the plenum, but where best practical. NOT on a single intake runner per-say Also would avoid making T connections in to this map sensor line - this may save issues from arising in the future You can remove your MAF And use the wiring for example your boost control solenoid one the ecu is installed to links guide links and all practical steps have been taken you can go online with the ecu and Load one of links base maps that they have pre configured for factory cars further calibrations and setting changes may need to be made dependant PClinks readme file is very extensive in all of the above and further more and should be taken note of
  2. .....managed to get out a check fueling with new setup and did a short amount of logging, prior to that Fuel pressure at the regulator gange seemed to stay the same as what it was with old intank fuel system which was good while out on road AFRs seemed to be leaner below 130- 140 kpa between 2000 and 4000 rpm lower load areas While at higher rpm and load afrs are on tracking well and AFR starts driffting rich which was to be expected also car did not sound of the usal tone also seem just a touch unresponsize then usal. Basicly 'seems' as if the old intake walbro was holding higher pressure at lower rpm and load (5psi-) then the 044 currently is..... Fueling at high rpm and boost levels seems to track as it should and eventually getting richer beyond 5500rpm which was to be expected based on the the 044 stable flow data voltage at 044 terminals with engine running at idle is 13.58v No real other fuel plumbing changes have been made apart from moving the stock filter in engine bay to the boot where my surge tank setup is Base pressure at regulator set by tunner last time on dyno is 60.4 psi which is high due to the car only having 440cc injectors and the poweroutput will edit logfile and upload shortley opinions on this link forum??... :-)
  3. the old system is perfectly up to the job as it is, i dont have an issue with fuel pressure dropping off at higher load points as we made sure of this last dyno, simply adding a surgetank set up with 044 for track work ; ) will my sard regulator be up to the task with this added flow/pressure at lower load and idle etc? thanks adamw
  4. Hi all My cars currently tunned with OE intank fuel pump setup (uprated pump) r32 skyline rb25det Im building a drop in surgetank/bosch 044 setup which is going to be in the usal spot in the boot and will work in conjunction with the intank unit stock fuellines at this stage still in use, Adjustable fuel pressure reg fitted to car with my base at 50Psi current tune Im guessing the fuel pressure reg is going to maintain pressure with the 044 in use but would like a tunner on here to confirm this Also if there will be any fuel flow differences from this change? I know what afr my car is sitting at at idle, WOT/highest load and between etc I hope to simply check and confirm my afr (LM2) on the road and track with my new fuel system, and try to avoid highering a dyno if i can lol thanks.
  5. Are you able to post PCL or a screen of your calibration
  6. Builtingarage

    g4 tablet dash

    Ive setup 4 or so tablets for friends that Use link ecus including my own, have a few different layouts depending on what you want to monitor etc make all layouts on laptop easyer for templating size and layout One example
  7. thanks scott had thort I had searched most of the site, will read in to cheers
  8. Hi can anyone confirm a trigger setup on 7MGTE mk 1 supra motor it has stock 7MGTE CPS no crank signal pic up Link G4+ atom ecu will 4AGZE trigger setup work? pic attached of 7m cps
  9. Hi scott also can you please confirm looks as if there is only 2 an volt channels available in the LEM ecu is that correct? the tunning software would make it seem as if theres more
  10. Hi all Have current side project involving older LEM g3 ecu which ive had upgrade to g4 firmware I have dissected the old wiring loom and noticed all 5v sensor grounds seem to be connected to which looks like 'on the face of it' ecu ground (black wire) pin 26 as seen in attached jpeg can someone please confirm on this? following the LEM pinout it seems there isn't a 'dedicated' sensor ground pin as such? thus am guessing when I buld new wiring harness im ok to treat pin 26 as my sensor ground Also can simon/someone confirm here on the an volt changes as seen here in attached image when receiving the ecu back arefter the g4 update
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