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  1. spyder403

    99 Honda accord

    Looking for someone to help me build a new tune. I can do a street map with the current tune but it's locked and can't be modified so I want to be able to modify it so if we made a mirror tune that would be awesome . If someone out there can help I'll upload my street map or whatever you need
  2. I'm in Calgary Alberta I'm fairly technically savi I would need the tune because I'm swapping the motor and increasing boost to 20 psi also have to do new distributor I checked tps sensor is unplugged
  3. I would rather have someone make me a new map any recommendations ??
  4. The probably used the Honda Civic 99 basemap even though mine is an accord
  5. The tune file is locked unfortunately so I'm not able to get the file
  6. i recently took a log file and i would love if someone could have a look and build a new log file for me its a 99 honda accord 2.3l 5 spd. 9 psi boost is what my max is 6000rpm max. running 94 octane pump gas , i can pay someone if neccessary. thanks for the help. Log 2016-10-22 3;11;58 pm.llg
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