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  1. If you try it please share your results along with engine and set up let see how many of you have benif of this thread explaining l.
  2. Hello everyone I will talk about rpm limit and I will keep it as simple as it gets, 1-Rpm limit mode either ignition or fuel cut this is the main aim you want the limit mode. 2-Turn advanced mode on. 3-hard limit you can turn it on if you want bang fire and action, or less action turn it of and keep hard limit activation on 50rpm only, if on hard limit 200rpm or even 300rpm for large bang and fire action. 4-(end cut) I put a green line in image where my end limit shows 95% off cut. 5-(start cut tp100) I put a pink line in image when it staring a cut where I kept it in 40% So between pink and green is how fast your cut or how slow it is example (tp low 100) if I rais it to 80% A very fast cut I will end up with if I keep lower number like 30% It will bee slower cut. 6-If you want to do this just put your (start cut tp low) above (start cut tp 100) I put mine to(100%) in image Tp low to( 0.0%) tp to ignore the lower cut tp then re adjust it where you want the lower to be. 7-exis decay rate the period of of cut after full throttle is depresd I mark it in orange from 50 to 80 is the good spot if hard limit on and above 200rpm cut range its different from engine to another engines. for examplee Exis decay rate is at (5%) and let's say your engine rives 8000 rpm it will drop between shifts to 3000rpm or lower because the period is very long for the cut, but if exis decay rate (80%) rpm between shifting will drop to 7200rpm for example. 8- ignition limit trim is the amount of timing pulling during the limit cut. Here is the image below to explain more ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Data log
  3. Hello guys, I wanted to know if I can use this strain gauge sensor on the shifter stick, my gear is h pattern. and dose it work with the ecu Honda PNP 92-95 & How to wire it. Advantages compared to other strain gauges: 1 Taobao only metal material of the full bridge strain gauge, excellent heat dissipation, to maximize the elimination of resistance to heat caused by noise, strain resistance 250 ohm 2 high mechanical strength, material for metal (steel + copper coating), can be repeated fatigue test, bending limit far more than ordinary full bridge strain gauge . easy installation, strain gauge with two screw holes, second strain gauge on the back of the mirror surface smooth degree is high, the workpiece and the fit is very good, & rdquo; good brothers & ldquo; (302 glue), 502 glue easily bubble free adhesive on the workpiece 4. Good sealing, sealing common strain gauge after the installation needs such as polyoxyethylene, in case of full bridge copper wire Kang moisture and oxidation; and this strain gauge has covered the protection of a layer of black layer, so there is no need to to seal 5. Convenient wiring, electric connecting line for standard, red is connected with a power supply (excitation source +), black connection to (the excitation source), green + output, white for output; (strain gauge with shielded wire core without); the wiring is the top of the Mogami Yw-1scThis wire strain gauge. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks brother I tried starting it today, with the same setting above but its not reading trigger what do you think the issue is it the trigger setting? Please help thanks
  5. Thanks brother here is the wiring diagram and pc link shots
  6. Hi guys. I have aG4+ PNP in my h22a engine with Oem Distributor installed and wanted to know, Is the Civic Base Map 92-95 that is already exist in Link Software have the right and correct Dwell time setting Or Not? If I want to replace my OEM Distributor with a OEM K20 coil on plug and AEM 30-3255 Honda EPM Trigger shall I change the Dwell time setting or keep it the same. And how to Wire it to the ECU Pin Out Diagram for Coils and EPM And Screen shot of the link software setting please. See the image attached and don't bother the ECU it will be link G4+ the Link to see the wiring of the AEM 30-3255 Honda EPM Trigger See the linkhttp://www.aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-2860 Coil-On-Plug COP Conversion Kit.pdf in AEM PDF For C.O.P Thanks
  7. Yes it was running just fine and I adjusted the lambda and the master fuel and it’s readable befor on Wednesday just last night start the car then noticed the sound its not running perfect due to non burrning rich a/f mixtures the spark plug is flooded see the image. Is the inj Timing is correct @430BTDC ? i clean them and tomorrow will run it again and see what happens cheers mate
  8. I have it tuned with oem neptune ecu bord and i dont have any fuel issues and at made 500+ whp. Thanks any way
  9. i did another cold start with the wide band operating right now here is the map again and log file, i really don understand what goes wrong before every things run fine but i remove the battery terminal and today i run it and fuel flooded, before one year i have same problem that is why i tune it with other oem ecu, i don have any problems with fuel components, check this log again if nothing wrong let me know thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/a69jjnkclh0kxl6/cold start Log 2018-01-26 2%3B14%3B46 am.llg?dl=0 h22a map cold start fuel floded .pclr
  10. here you go. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5tsdjxn2lp866t/Cold start fluded fuel Log 2018-01-25 9%3B46%3B06 pm.llg?dl=0
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