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  1. Thanks for that JMP On the 1ZZ coils are you running Falling Edge as spark trigger and this is the Dwell times I have so far 8V 6.3 ms 9V 5.3 ms 10V 4.4 ms 11V 3.8 ms 12V 3.2 ms 13V 2.7 ms 14V 2.4 ms 15V 2.2 ms
  2. yeah brad bit from any research the 1zz and 2zz coils are smart type and are 5V TLL driven from most other ECU's GND = Ground - BROWN IGT = Trigger Signal (+5V) - DIFFERENT COLOR FOR EACH COIL IGF = Spark event confirmation (leave it not connected) - BLUE +12V - BLACK unfortunately its the only one thats sits well on the JZ head. are you running the 90919-A2007 Sienna coil?? and are they performing well in wasted spark??
  3. Smart Coils are a 5V TTL trigger, so not sure if G4+ Storm has a TTL ignition out and if it does can it drive 2 Smart COPS per channel. I could build an external Driver board for TTL using 2N2700's driven by the G4+ but do not want to go down that road. So other option is dumb coils like the (90919-02230) in Wasted Just wondering what others have done
  4. Have a car in with G4+ Storm, 3 channel igniter + bosch coilpack leads. Wanting to clean the install up as owner going with new plenum and general tidy up. Can the Storm control 1zz smart Coils (90919-02239) wasted, or at least run Wasted with a COP such as the 3UZ (90919-02230) (built in igniter) Any other ideas?
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