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  1. This is the sort of crap I am seeing at 7% throttle upwards and sometimes at idle
  2. We are running a G4+ with the Link CAN Lambda kit, sometimes works ok, eg ... .97 - 1.0 at cruise. Then for no apparent reason it will shoot to 4.500 give or take a shit load. This is clearly not correct. We scoped the sensor yesterday, waited for the reading to piss about to check the sensor output while the problem occurred and the sensor checked fine. All the connections seem to be ok either side of the Link Can Lambda unit. Any ideas? Has anyone had issues with the Link Can Lambda unit? Ryan
  3. Excuse my ignorance please guys. I have a (link) CAN Lambda kit to use with my Jza80 plug-in G4+ which set of pins on the PCB should I be using? CAN/OBD or the CAN/RS232? And also, what is the link part number for the cable I require to do this? Ryan
  4. I have a jza80 with 2jzgte, running a plugin G4+. I have just got it back from being tuned. Every time I decelerate using engine braking, when I disengage the clutch, it stalls. If I disengage the clutch directly after accelleration the idle control valve brings it back to idle nicely. It's like the ecu is seeing idle pos on the tps during overrun, and it's trying to achieve 900 rpm, but it can't achieve this while decelerating so the icv ends up being shut altogether, resulting in a stall once I depress the clutch. Im not an experienced tuner, but I would like to know how to solve this problem myself. Any help is much appreciated Ryan
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