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  1. The dash doesn’t even display 0.0 But when I look at way the gauge is seeing I get exactly what link is seeing?!
  2. Heres some settings and such. adam link.llg adam link.pclr beckys config.cfz
  3. This is the older AIM MXL strada unit RPM, Lambda, Coolant, MGP are displaying, but The FUEL and OIL pressures are not, That are tied into AN volt 7 & 8. Also speed is not displaying.
  4. Hey everyone I'm running a MXL strada with a link G4, i'm having issues getting it to read my link fuel pressure and oil pressure sensors, It reads the MGP, ECT and AIT fine. I'm wanting Lambda,FP,OP to be display on the gauge aswell. Any help would be great!
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