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  1. Hi Serge, Did you make any progress with this? I've run into a similar issue on my B7 BFB 1.8T running a ttlink where it appears the ABS module isn't communicating with the the link ecu. I've got my ABS light on, ESP light on and brake light flashing. I've tried all tech support advise with no solution, I've just purchased a can sniffer albeit I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm determined to fix this. I know of another guy in Europe with the same platform/engine and has the same issue as myself.
  2. fourings

    350Z+ G4+ questions

    ABS, ESP issue as mentioned by OP. My issue may be VAG CAN specific, new firmware did not resolve it. Other than going the CAN sniffing route, which is out of my capabilities to be honest. Would a relay potentially work?
  3. fourings

    350Z+ G4+ questions

    Adam, if this fix works for other makes and models could you please pass that information onto me? Thanks.
  4. Hi Adam, I'm talking with Scott at the moment. Perhaps he could send me the latest firmware? Which later VAG models are included? Ryan.
  5. Grant/John, did you ever resolve this issue?
  6. Thanks for checking that out for us Adam, much appreciated. I'll have to check tomorrow, that could very well be the issue as the spare sensor behaves the same. Chances are I haven't mirrored the diagram.
  7. Thanks Adam, see attached pclr file. I will get around to doing the sensor ground tomorrow hopefully. Audi 6-11-17.pclr
  8. Cheers for the prompt response Adam. I've attached a screen shot of the cal table or do you want the pclr file? I double checked voltage across signal and ground it is 0V. I depinned pin 29 for the fuel pressure sensor as I do not need the air mass meter signal. I think I've just sorted the oil pressure issue, I found a wire that had come out from the harness in the back of the gauge.. It is reading 1.5 psi at rest. Would sensor ground be pin 27 and what would be the best way to splice right at the ecu?
  9. Hi All, I got a G4+ ttlink pnp on my Audi A4. I've wired a 150psi fuel pressure sensor to AN Volt 2 and assigned a calibration table and it is reading 155psi. Whilst unplugged I have 5v across the ground and 5v in and 0v across signal and ground. When I plug it in and back probe I'm getting 4.6v across signal and ground. I tested the same with a spare sensor and I'm getting the same result. Any idea as to what I'm doing wrong or could be the issue? I've also got an AEM x series 150psi oil pressure gauge wired in to AN Volt 7 and this too is not reading correctly via the gauge and pclink, it just reads 11psi on gauge and 13.8psi on pclink. The instructions says white wire to analog input on ecu (AN volt 7?) and the BROWN wire must be connected to the negative of the analog input of the logging device orECU. If the logging device or ECU does not have a differential analog input (both a dedicated positive and negative terminal for the analog input) then connect the BROWN wire to the shared signal ground. If the device doesnot have a dedicated signal ground then as a last course ofaction, connect it to the power ground of the logging device. I connected it to the power ground, could this be the issue? Thanks in advance!
  10. Following as I will be running the same TB as Gordie.
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