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  1. I did charge it, maybe it was not fully charged, will put it on again. Will try the laptop and a new set of headphones. Thanks mate Thanks Adam, makes sense. Will go get a new pair..
  2. Thanks. I was considering trying that. Did you find the knockblock audio level low as well?
  3. Hi Chaps. First time tuner here, attempting to tune my Supra on a link plugin with a g4 knock block, (brand new item) I have a set of iPhone headphones which work fine (tested on my phone & laptop), but cannot hear anything on the knock block with the vol on full. I tried a set of elcheapo head phones, getting some noise, it is quite faint and only on one side of the headphone set. I am using a single Bosch wideband bolted between the stock sensors. To test I bolted another sensor to the intake using seperate wiring (the one that came with the knock block), same result. Should I be using better headphones or is something wrong with the knock block? THanks.
  4. I'm from Durban, same story here, I'm learning how to tune myself as almost no decent tuners around here..
  5. Thanks Adam. I have confirmed Aux 4 software controls the Aux 4 pin, PWM tested the boost controller. Thanks for the options, I may go the idle valve route. In the meantime, I think I will ditch either the CE light (I have a toucan display) or the purge valve to free up one output..
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not using an electronic throttle, the car is a stock turbo MKIV Supra non VVTi. I am attempting to control the stock sequential VSV's to keep the car in sequential mode, as posted previously on here by Mike2JZ. Inj 7 is being used for the IACV VSV Aux 4 for the Boost control solenoid Aux 9 was planned for the EGCV VSV Ign 8 for the EGBV So I need all these outputs. If Aux 9 in the software controls the Aux 10 pin with e throttle off, what controls Aux 9 pin? I am guessing Aux 4 in the software? In that case, what controls Aux 4 pin? The base map shows this as Boost solenoid, which matches the OEM ECU pin, being the WG VSV.
  7. Hi guys. Busy with my Supralink PnP install. Almost ready to fire up. My question is about Aux 10. The installation manual shows Aux 10 is the Purge solenoid, the wiring diagram confirms this, the OEM ECU also shows Purge solenoid assigned to this pin. In the base map config on PClink, the purge is assigned to Aux 9, I cannot find Aux 10. I need Aux 9 to run my EGCV VSV. Aux 9 is shown on the expansion port, that is where I have physically wired my EGCV to. Am I doing something wrong? I want to keep the purge solenoid so would like to activate it. Thanks.
  8. Hi. In the event I use the Kurofune as a standalone ECU (if I went single turbo and removed the OEM ECU), how would the wiring work? Do I just remove the stock ecu and plug it into the adapter loom? Thanks.
  9. Scott, one more question: With the stock ECU in place, can the Kurofune deal with the fuel cut & speed cut of the stock ECU? Or do I still need FCD & SLD to override these? Thanks.
  10. Hi Scott, Thanks for the reply. It looks like the Kurofune is the answer for me. Just one clarification on point no 2: The HKS F-con does not control boost, for boost control I have a HKS EVC. The sequential operation I referred to is the way the turbos come online. The stock ECU has various VSV's that control valves allowing sequential operation of the turbos, 1st turbo below 3700rpm, second turbo comes online after 3700rpm. With the stock ECU still in operation I guess this will remain in operation. Some additional questions: 1. Can a wideband 02 sensor be added to the Kurofune? The HKS adaptor has accomodation for this, the HKS Knock amp could be connected to the F-con. 2. Can the Kurofune pull timing on detection of knock? Thanks for the info.
  11. Hi. Seen the Kurofune, looks like the solution I need to map my stock turbo MK4 Supra Twin turbo. Could you answer some questions, I am not the most knowledgable on tuning so apologies for any silly questions. I have the HKS F-Con adapter harness already. 1. The F-Con is a standalone that operates as a piggyback, although it takes full control of the fuel & ignition. Does the Kurofune do the same? 2. Will the Kurofune allow me to keep the stock sequential turbo setup? 3. How will the knock control work? Using the stock sensors? 4. Any other sensors to add? MAP, IAT? 5. I assume the stock TRAC ecu is disabled in using the Kurofune? 6. Can the Kurofune accommodate multiple maps? If there are any other specifics related to using the Kurofune on my Supra would appreciate the advice. Thanks.
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