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  1. b3tuning

    ECU hold power wiring

    You have to be careful with the wiring when using ecu hold power. The reason for the second relay(s) is to prevent a circuit back feeding power into the ecu and preventing proper shut off. If the ecu is controlling the relays powering ancillary devices (solenoids, coils, injectors, etc) via a low side output (Aux Out), then there will be no issues. You could also probably use the fan setting RPM Zero Timeout to achieve what you need without using ECU Hold Power and the extra wiring
  2. Sorry didn't see your edit. I'm actually on release I had planned on updating to the latest firmware when it was released, but when it was rolled out there were some posts about a few bugs so I held off.. 3338b was released shortly after but still didn't see anything in the notes that my setup benefited from. I'm on PCB version 1.4 which only has 1 CAN bus, and is affected by the cold start bug.
  3. b3tuning

    Software issue.

    Sorry for late reply... Have had no issues running PCLink in a Win10 64bit VM on a MacBook Pro
  4. Thanks David for chiming in... I've included screen shots of the tables along with my target idle table to show that there is no conflict... I agree this is weird, and hopefully easily resolved. The only thing that I can possibly think of that can be a contributor to this bug is that I do have an Xtreme affected by the cold start hardware bug. As I am in the U.S. and this is my daily, I have not been able to send my Xtreme in for the update... surprised I am the only one to notice this... Can Adam or Simon chime in that this could be related to the cold start hardware issue?
  5. I get the increased manifold vacuum pulling the fuel film off the walls, but at least in my case, the injectors are still pulsing during over run and there is a measurable fuel mass... I've included a screen shot showing that over run is active, and actual injector pw is NOT 0, and duty cycle is ~3%. This is ALWAYS the case for me during over run.
  6. When Over run fuel cut (decel fuel cut) is active, is the fuel pulse reduced by a certain percentage or clamped by the minimum pulse width? Or is injection completely disabled or ramped down with ignition to 0 duty cycle? Or is the logger not calculating duty cycle and injector pulse width properly during over run? Have noticed via logs or while driving with my laptop riding shotgun that when over run fuel cut is active that fuel is still being injected, Injector duty cycle only drops to ~3% on average. Wideband does show going lean (at least to 16:1 afr, 1.10 lamba petrol) Curious if I'm missing out on some engine braking and fuel economy, or a small bug in the logger or modeled fueling? Will post my current cal and log if needed. G4+ Xtreme (red single CAN)
  7. not a lot of info for this sensor.... but wiring is as follows Looking at the sensor pins with the bung facing down... the pins are from RIGHT to LEFT Right most pin is pin 1, left most pin is pin 4 Pin 1 : Sensor Ground Pin 2 : Temp Signal Pin 3 : 5v Pin 4 : Map Signal I found various calibration details on ballenger motorsports site... they have calibration details for 1, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 bar Tmap Map IAT sensors.... check there under Shop > Sensors > Pressure Sensors. After selecting your sensor, click on the tab for specifications and there are calibration tables
  8. b3tuning

    Software issue.

    Is this Surface specific? I actually run the PCLink software on my MacBook Pro in a virtual machine using Parallels with Windows 10 64bit, forcing my onboard NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M. Is there something I should be looking out for?
  9. b3tuning

    LS2 Coil Suppressor

    Not sure on your location, but a 1 uF capacitor (1 micro Farad) should be readily available at any electronics hobbyist retailer/ sparky shop, or online with a simple search.. it is wired in with one leg of the capacitor as a splice to the coils main power wire before it splits to power each coil, and the other leg of the capacitor splicing into a ground. I have LS3 coils running on an xTreme without the suppressing capacitor without issue and may just be lucky, but others have had noise issues... If in doubt, I'd add the capacitor as cheap insurance and peace of mind as even if not needed, it will not hurt. Hope this helps!
  10. b3tuning

    S15 Sr20det Base Map

    Total brainfart... was thinking Thunder for some reason
  11. b3tuning

    S15 Sr20det Base Map

    I would guess you can use the plugin basemap, but as you have a monsoon which has more I/O and features than an Xtreme, you may not have access to all the power of the monsoon. I would suggest you use the Monsoon Sample map, and import the various tables you need from the Xtreme plug-in S14-S15 basemap... but you would need to verify that the pins used in the basemap match how you've wired in the monsoon, or edit the I/O tables to match your configuration. Also looking at the S14/S15 basemap, I did not see an output configured to control the VCT solenoid. so you may want to implement that as well. For my S14 SR20, I used the same basemap as a starting point, and tailored it to suit how I wired in my G4+ Xtreme. I highly suggest using Modelled for the Fuel Equation mode over traditional.
  12. b3tuning

    Tomei Rb28 Pro Cams

    Had a look at your log and your calibration... was your wideband hooked up during the logging? Showing extremely rich... ~0.7 lambda!Also, it looks like your idle ignition table and your main ignition table don't quite match around idle areas... can cause minor issues when transitioning from the ignition table to the idle ignition table and vice versa. You could benefit from calibrating the injector short pulse adder table, and the setting the minimum injector pulse width... if available of course... Also, what type of idle solenoid are you using? If it's the stock Nissan IACV, 15Hz is too low... with a higher frequency, the plunger in the solenoid will maintain an almost static position, either allowing more air or less based on base position. This can greatly help achieve a stable idle with minimum interference from idle ignition tables.And since you're having issues getting idle rpm's below 1000 rpm's, I'd revisit setting the bleed screw on the IACV and then redoing the base idle position tables.I'd expect those cams to idle pretty solid at your target rpm's.
  13. Post your calibration file... I'm able to configure a temp sensor with negative temperature on the axis. As an example, using the latest PCLink software, I set an Analog Input as an Air Temp Sensor, and under Sensor Type I used Cal Table 1. I opened Cal Table 1, and set Input Units to Ohms, Output Units to C*, Output Table Start to -40, etc etc...
  14. In for updates... @brett, saw your post about importing a newer firmware tune with the additional virtual aux's. were you able to find a suitable solution to this puzzle?
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