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  1. MagicMike

    Ecotrons CAN II - Error info?

    Lambda 1 hardly worked at all on the ~60min drive home yesterday... Worked pretty much all the way in to work this morning though. I have also contacted Ecotrons support and provided the data to them.
  2. MagicMike

    Ecotrons CAN II - Error info?

    Ok cool, will see what happens. Thanks mate
  3. MagicMike

    Ecotrons CAN II - Error info?

    Funny you should mention that... When I first went to set up the Ecotrons, that existing channel was already there and I had no idea what it was for so I just left it. Certainly nothing else connected other than the Ecotrons. Can't recall if I did put a resistor at the other end, don't think I did as the run is quite short. I'll try removing the first channel on the way home today and see what happens. It has only started happening this week, nothing has been changed on the car for at least a few months. No sign of this in any old logs. Could be sensor dying?
  4. MagicMike

    Ecotrons CAN II - Error info?

    This morning I thought I'd try re-setting up lambda 1 CAN, which cleared the errors. But within 10 mins of driving to the servo they were back again. So no one has seen this before?
  5. MagicMike

    Ecotrons CAN II - Error info?

    Since my last post, I have still been dailying the zed, and noticing that lambda 1 is freezing on 1.02 for a period of time, then like magic, it comes good again. I have a few logs showing this, and can see 'Stuff Error', Acknowledge Error', 'Error Passive' and 'Bus Warning' in the CAN tab of runtime values. Can anyone explain these errors to me? Or make tell me how to make them stop? https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgx266go5t920ke/weird.llg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/y3ecn5gdpmkl6w9/inj tiiming.pclr?dl=0
  6. MagicMike

    V6, lambda different bank to bank

    Wondering if anyone can have a look here, and offer some suggestions on why my bank v bank lambda are so different, seemingly only over a very narrow injector pw range... Looks most prevalent between 0.5 and 0.7/8 ms (effective). I'm a bit confused because they are quite close at idle which is less pw, and then come close again about 1ms or slightly more throttle, above about 10% Could be actual injector linearity? Could be throttle bodies not synced? I have no values in the short pw adder table, I've considered punching some values in there to bump up the areas identified a little. Have considered adding a few % to each cyl on that the lean bank but trying to avoid that. Am I missing something that stands out as an issue? I have CL fuel on in these files (motorbike is broken so having to commute in the zed, scary stuff) but the behaviour is the same with CL off. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5lg98wcua2984q/cl5.llg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cp3m17a4h240y88/VG30 part tune6.pclr?dl=0
  7. MagicMike

    Purpose of fule/ignition table columns below idle rpm?

    And if you have a near stall say coming off throttle at low speeds and rpm drops below idle speed
  8. MagicMike

    VE numbers vs injector duty cycle

    If you are using different wideband in a different location, anything is possible.
  9. MagicMike

    Normal Engine Speed ROC?

    Ok thanks Adam. Wish I could explain the wavy rpm signal. So if it isn't a triggering issue, it could be a tuning issue? It is still very rich up top and that is where the biggest ups and downs are. Something to keep an eye on I guess.
  10. MagicMike

    Normal Engine Speed ROC?

    Log file and tune file below. Appreciate any feedback https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtu34cxumatbwo9/Log 2018-05-16 11%3B02%3B39 pm.llg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/invymte1994af88/VG30 part tune.pclr?dl=0
  11. MagicMike

    Normal Engine Speed ROC?

    Hi again, Can I have your thoughts on snippits of my log file, specifically looking at the engine speed ROC, and what is 'normal', what is not normal, and where mine fits in? I have zero trigger errors, ever, engine runs nice, ignition angle is very smooth. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gyvfc7lmhhjzd3q/RPM ROC Wide.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nw47l37iavw6npm/RPM ROC Narrow.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m4481o53w61fhox/RPM ROC Narrow 2.JPG?dl=0
  12. MagicMike

    mixture map filter

    I suspect as much. Probably happens alot more often than this one time but gets lost in the data, and I can't say i have compared mixture maps before so haven't had something side by side, like for like on screen before. .81 v .76 was the case, 5500rpm and 100kpa mpg. 40% cell center.
  13. MagicMike

    mixture map filter

    Have another question I need to ask after reviewing some data from the weekend... I think I know the answer, but can someone please confirm... The target value that appears in each cell of the mixture map, is this value the average target of the samples that fit per the filters? Ie, the target is NOT taken directly from the lambda target table? I have a scenario where I have 2 log files, exact same tune file, exact same filters, and I am seeing different target values in the same cell in the mixture map.
  14. MagicMike

    Slow reacting

    I have noticed the same lag in making up/down adjustments to blocks of cells. Only when connected to the ECU.
  15. MagicMike

    Windows tablet power from USB?

    Not power related, but last night, I took control of my home computers (desktop and laptop) from my in car computer, via wifi hotspot on my fone. And vice versa. Was testing to see if I had to use my laptop plugged straight into the ECU (or if I could just use my PIPO) to remote tune. Haven't road tested, but looks promising.