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  1. MagicMike

    Windows tablet power from USB?

    Not power related, but last night, I took control of my home computers (desktop and laptop) from my in car computer, via wifi hotspot on my fone. And vice versa. Was testing to see if I had to use my laptop plugged straight into the ECU (or if I could just use my PIPO) to remote tune. Haven't road tested, but looks promising.
  2. So I've read what I could find, watched all the HPA webinars, done the Link tutorial and the practical tuning courses. I'm still a bit confused on which order I should be tackling the Charge temp cooling table, the fuel charge cooling value and the VE map. They all play a part in the equation, and it seems to me that I could be going around in circles from one to the other making adjustments. They are all dealt with separately in the HPA workthroughs. Assume I am starting from scratch, is it correct to get engine up to temp, with charge temp (and air temp) all zeros? Then go through the process of finding the fuel charge cooling value (making target fuel table lambda 1.0, adjusting VE to make measured = lambda 1.0, make target 0.9, check measured etc etc)? Then go to work on the charge temp table? Then the full VE table as the last variable? Obviously the VE will have to be adjusted during the above as you go. My next question, is, how does the multi fuel deal with the difference between the pump fuel and e85 (or inbetween) fuel charge cooling differences? I'm a long way away from sticking any ethanol in it, but I would like to gather any more understanding I can in the mean time. Thanks, Mike
  3. MagicMike

    PWM Output based on DI Input and Timer

    Won't that only open and close the flap for 0.4 secs?
  4. MagicMike

    Mixture map defined by log window

    Wondering if it is possible to have the mixture map data filtered by the window selected by the time plot range? As in, if I have a section of log I want to zero in on, and be able to run only that section through the mixture map, similar to how the XY plots work?
  5. MagicMike

    Mike's Zed

    Bit of an update... We had Zedfest #8 over the Easter weekend here, which was a 1200km round trip. I had a massive push to get cars running and in a state to make the trip. Both (my and my wife's) zeds ran great all weekend, and we got a couple of trophies between us. Cara won In Car Entertainment and People's Choice, and I won the innovation award for my PCLink dash setup mostly. Progress update wise, I have redone my fuel setup, no surge tank anymore, no fuelab products at all anymore. 2 x 485 pumps in tank controlled by a SSR (and ecu) and a FPR2000 reg. Have the triggering sussed out now, with the NZ Wiring cam sync wheel/GT101 combo on the cam and the cherry on the crank. Established that there is a big difference between the stability of ignition timing going from rising to falling edges on both sensors. Not sure why I had them on rising edge originally. Anyway, sorted now.
  6. MagicMike

    Trigger Offset locked out - Dist mode maybe?

    You need to press 'enter' to confirm the value you put in the box. The box will go blue. Ask how I know...
  7. MagicMike

    Rb25 trigger setup

    I use that same cam sync trigger. Works well
  8. MagicMike

    Wheel Speed Calibration

    yes sorry, I am using factory gearbox sensor. I didn't think we could use the ABS sensors as wheel speed?
  9. MagicMike

    Wheel Speed Calibration

    I ended up with a value of 131 (using GPS app for actual speed). I have 4.11 gears and 18in wheels.
  10. MagicMike

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    Brain fail, sorry mate
  11. MagicMike

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    How big is the ECU pull-up?
  12. MagicMike

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    Something I have NOT done with my sensor. Will do ASAP tho... Hang on, what about the ECU pullup? Mine is already set to 'ON'
  13. MagicMike

    Windows tablet power from USB?

    Yeah I use the Pipo X8 remotely, displaying on a 7in screen in my dash via hdmi. Works fantastic. Biggest issue is the x8 does not have a battery, so hard cutting power while the unit is still on can be an issue.
  14. MagicMike

    Knock Sensor 10mm

    I have drilled out to suit a 10mm bolt. Works fine. I was sceptical, but Andre at HP says he does it all the time.
  15. MagicMike

    Graphic Table Comparison

    + 1 Was surprised it didn't already do this.