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  1. MGV101

    Short pulse width adder values

    Thanks! I was always under the impression that the injectors would always been injecting less fuel than the "straight line" curve given it takes time for the nozzle to fully open and that's why I found the base map strange. I am using ID850 so it was correct to use positive numbers then.
  2. MGV101

    Short pulse width adder values

    Should the short pulse with adder values be in +ve or -ve? Previously I have used +ve numbers for the values but I am building up a new map today for a new ECU using the sample base map for my Fury and noted that all numbers are in negative. Tried looking at other base map too and noted they are also entered as -ve numbers. Does it mean logic of the G4+ actually adds the value entered into the tables to determine the effective pulse width and therefore -ve numbers should be entered for it to work properly? Meaning I have entered the wrong numbers into the pulse width adder all along?
  3. Yep, I know about the back feeding which would keep the ECU from powering down that is why the relay coils would be powered by the ignition key. Do note it is just the coil only so it will not be putting much load on the ignition key. I am mainly rewiring the engine/ECU harness only so there are only a few relays to be powered by the ignition key. A quick sketch below should explain things better. Basically, rather than supply power to the relay coils through the EFI relay, it gets its power from the ignition switch instead. The same way the EFI relay gets its power (I didn't draw any fuses in the quick sketch but they will be there).
  4. Looks like it is common practice to have a main EFI relay triggered by an ignition source power and have this relay supply power to the ECU and also supply power to the relay coils for other system such as igniton coils or fuel pump. Is it necessary for all other relays to be switched on my the main EFI relay? What is the difference between using the main EFI relay over the ignition key power? I am overhauling my whole electric system and is building a separate fuse box for the EFI system. I am using the bussmann 15303-2 fuse box where pin 86 on the relays are bussed together so in order to have a "main EFI relay" in the normal fashion, I will need to wire in another relay outside the fuse box in order to seperately supply a ignition signal to the main EFI relay and have the main EFI relay power the other relay coils through the bussed connection. I don't want to do this as I would like everything packaged neatly inside the fuse box. If the main EFI relay would be on and powering up the other relays when the ignition is switched on anyway (or at least providing +ve power to the coils so that they are powered up as soon as they are grounded) would it make any difference if I simply have the coils for all relays connected directly to the igniton power source? What is the reason for all other relays activated by the main EFI relay rather than the igniton key? I am deciding whether I should have the EFI relay also plugged into the fuse box with the bussed connection and power the bus with an ignition power source to switch on all relays. Thank you!
  5. MGV101

    Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    Sorry, its been a long while. I've finally started to re-wire everything in my car and setup the PWM control at the same time. This is the solid state relay that I've ended up getting: http://hellahd.com/files/5113/4444/9719/H41773001 Data Sheet.pdf It's a Hella unit that looked extremely to the ones you get from NZ/Australia but seems like it is not designed for inductive loads. After doing some research on fly-back diodes, seems like a Schottky diode would work best for our application for its fast response. Looking at the specs, I think the diodes below should be sufficient for my purpose? Should the voltage rating of 120V be a concern as I've seen Adam recommending elsewhere the use of 1N4004 which are rated to 400V. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Vishay-Semiconductors/V30120CI-M3-P?qs=F5EMLAvA7IDciT4dWs6BgQ%3D%3D https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Vishay-Semiconductors/V40120CI-M3-P?qs=F5EMLAvA7IC2Rt1XtcaKGQ%3D%3D Thank you! Best regards, Jerry Ip
  6. MGV101

    Circuit opening relay

    I am rewiring my engine and building a custom loom for my MR2 with a Gen 3 3S-GTE engine and will be running it on a G4+ Fury. While studying the existing wiring, I noted the system uses a circuit opening relay for the fuel pump where there is a second coil to switch on power to the fuel pump while the engine is cranking. As I am deleting/replacing the whole fuse box along with the relay, will it work if I just use an ordinary relay for the fuel pump? The relay will be powered by an key-on power source with the coil grounded to the ECU fuel pump output. Will the G4+ switch on the relay during cranking to provide power to the fuel pump? Thank you!
  7. MGV101

    Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    Well noted. Thank you Adam and everyone else for the reply.
  8. I am looking into setting up PWM control for a number of fans and water pump for my car and is trying to figure out the wiring side of things. I know the general approach would be to drive a solid state relay using a PWM output on the G4+ and use the PWM duty cycle to control the effective voltage so I though simply wring a PWM output from the relay would do the job. However, the more research I do the more I am confused. Searching online I have found diagrams from haltech and adaptronic where both had a similar setup. Both diagram had a 1K pull up resistor connected in parallel to the input side and haltech warned that damage would occur if the resistor is not installed. The adaptronic diagram also what looked like a freewheeling diode but it is connected in parallel to the output side (you shouldn't need one even if it is on the output side since there are no coils to drive in a SSR anyway). I cannot figure out what is the purpose of that 1K resistor nor the diode on the outside. What exactly are their purpose? Also, both diagram had prescribed specific outputs to use for this purpose and warned that damage may occur if any other outputs are used. Will that be the case for G4+? Thank you! http://www.adaptronic.com.au/forum/index.php?topic=6106.0
  9. MGV101

    Some confusion with onboard knock control

    Thank you Simon. If this this the case how does the timing gets reintroduced back into the system? Seems like when no knock occurs for a specific time, the ECU will try to add timing back. When this happens does it simply add timing back into whichever i-trim cell the engine is currently operating at? Or does the engine have to stay in a cell for the delay countdown to activate and add back timing to that specific cell?
  10. Looking at the help file on PC link, it appears knock control uses two systems to retard ignition as a result of knock. The description in the help file isn't particularly clear but it seems like on an global level, when knock is detected, it will retard ignition timing according to how much the threshold had been exceed and the retard gain. Any subsequent knock will continue to increase such retard and the retard will be gradually advanced if no further knock event occurs. It appears to me that this ignition retard system is carried out on a global level regardless of RPM and load am I correct? In addition to the global system, when a knock event occurs, a value will be subtracted into the cyl X ignition trim table which will retard timing at a specific spot. Looks like this retard is permanent and will not be advances until it is reset (ie. when ECU powered on) and any more subsequent knock at the same spot would add in more retard in the table. If the engine had been knocking and we happen to be running into a spot where there is a retard value in the cyl X ignition trim table, will both the advances be added up? Also about the maximum retard value, does it apply just the overal timing or is it separately applied to the "global" retard and the cyl I trim?
  11. MGV101

    st205 with cop conversion rev counter?

    Yes, open up the relay and take out the switch. You don't need that part, just the coil. I used a relay on mine too (although a little different and involved the use and a transistor) and have removed the switch.
  12. MGV101

    3sgte COP

    Yes the software is a little confusing here. Once you switch to direct spark it actually sets ign 1 to 4 as ignition output and locks it. Whatever you see in the settings does not matter and will be ignored. For the peace of mind, you can switch ignition main back to distributor and that will unlock ign 2 to 4 and manually set it as ignition then revert ignition main back to direct spark again.
  13. MGV101

    SW20 MR2 AC clutch control

    Wow... thank you for such a detailed answer cj. Yes, one of my main source of information were the factory wiring diagrams too. Somehow my version did not cover the 5SFE specific part through, and it had no mentioning of what the ACT pin does. Only with trial and error that I have figured out and grounding this would cause the AC shut down. The information you found affirmed my suspicion. It's a Gen 3 engine and the car itself is a JDM Gen 3 MR2. Seems like although this input is not used on the 3SGTE, the wiring is still there on the stock ECU connector and engine loom. Although the base map on the Link G4+ notes presence of this output, it was never configured properly and treated it as a ordinary AC signal used to switch on the AC even though it was a signal to stop the AC instead. (So yes, it is the pink green wire going to the G4+ AC output) I am actually now running a full coil on plug system and replaced the distributor with crank and cam sensors so there is no tach signal going to the ECU. MAYBE the AC amplifier is configured to ignore the ACT signal with a tach signal is detected and that is why no one had previously reported this problem. I actually had the car running briefly with a distributor system on the Link G4+ but it was only for a matter of days before I dropped the engine to carry out works and never refilled the refrigerant a year later and I had no recollection of whether the AC was working back then. I got a friend running a stock ignition system on a link G4+ too and he was having the same problem until we disconnected the ACT. However, his MR2 was one of the few rare ones which had a stock TRC system and it's own separate TRC ECU which further complicate things to draw a conclusion whether the AC works with the base map on a MR2 with a stock ignition system. Without a rpm signal for the AC amplifier to determine when to shut down the AC pump under high loads. Yes, it is a good idea to make use of the ACT input on the AC amp to give the compressor some protection.
  14. MGV101

    wiring for gauges

    Depending on the model, the newer defi controller unit has the option of receiving information via the defi smart adapter W. The adaptor can either send obd2 information via bluetooth to your smartphone or connect via cable to the control unit sending it the obd2 data. With that option, you can always connect the sensors to the link ECU, hook up a OBD plug to the CAN output on the ECU and have the smart adaptor relay information from your ECU to the defi control unit and your gauges. Information on how the system works can be found here: https://www.google.com.hk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.defi-shop.com/products/smart_adp_w/summary_smart_adp_w/&ved=0ahUKEwiX64fE8JDXAhVDlpQKHTxlCY8QFggmMAA&usg=AOvVaw2Cw2nPQQP9kqfgtpPUqXxu Not all parameters are supported though. See the table at the bottom of this page to find out what is supported: https://www.google.com.hk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.defi-shop.com/products/smart_adp_w/smart_adp_w_app/&ved=0ahUKEwiX64fE8JDXAhVDlpQKHTxlCY8QFgiGATAV&usg=AOvVaw3idZCa0nzaqFWTP2BLU95J This should be the easiest option.