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  1. I would also like to know how you got this working on a double din. I have the g4 extreme and was also looking for a double din to display vitals.
  2. Armand

    Rb20 cas

    so after some reading up and adjusting setting I got trigger1 and 2 on yes but no sync. so plugged everything in and no joy, only a promise followed with some backfires. I have no idea if the timing setting are correct for the current setup. hope the attached file gives some insight. thanx Adam. armand setup map 1.pcl
  3. Armand

    Rb20 cas

    Nothing happens. I did get trigger two and sync on yes before i changed the settings from the oem rb settings to the aem trigger disc.
  4. Armand

    Rb20 cas

    This is what i used to set it up as. Still nothing.
  5. Armand

    G4 to old to run g4+

    So switched on my g4 extreme ecu today for the first time. Software could not conect because the ecu is to old? So now im stuck with storm base maps on my red extreme. Any advice on how to get maps from the g4+ ? Looking to get a base map for the rb25det non neo. Thanx.
  6. Armand

    Rb20 cas

    Just to add onto my question about the wiring. Would it make a difference on the trigger wires if i change the disc to a aem 24+1? Im getting no rpm or trigger signals.
  7. Armand

    Rb20 cas

    Thanx Adam it is the mitsubishi one. For my next noob question.. Am I corect in saying the cas has two triggers. One for the 1' and one for the 120'. So essentialy these two triggers should be able to run direct spark? I have changed the cas trigger plate from oem to the aem unit for better results or at least less hassles later on. I know some guys preffer wasted spark but i do have enough ignition outputs. Thanx.
  8. Armand

    Rb20 cas

    Hi guys. My first post on here so bare with me. Did some searching and could not find exactly what im looking for. So im in the process of wiring in my g4+ onto a series 1 rb25det. So problem no1 : not 100% sure if the pin outs are the same on the rb20 type A cas vs rb25/26 non neo. Problem no2 : the signal wires that run from the ecu to the cas is a 8v source,not too sure if the cas needs 8v or 12v signal to the cas. Some info would be great if possible. Thanx.
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