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  1. jupe_e

    DI wiring

    Thanks for the fast answer.
  2. jupe_e

    DI wiring

    Hi, I'm planning to use Digi inputs in changing boost maps and launch control. Can I just wire those through on/off switches to Ground? When switch is on, then input is active.
  3. Hi again! Got that PCS200 dash for a test. I have a problem that the dash might not understand the vipec's rpm signal. From the PCS they want to know the specs of that signal and the voltage level that signal triggers.
  4. Does anyone have any experience in PSC D200 dash? Is it possible to connect to V44? https://www.powertraincontrolsolutions.com/Performance_Aftermarket/Products/Displays/D200_Dashlogger/
  5. Finally had time to continue with this. I changed the trigger sensor to cherry gs100502 and spark was found Thanks for help..
  6. I tested the trigger signal and I think the problem is in honeywell crank sensor. I could't see the missing tooth in signal. I talked to my friend about it and he had the same problem with vems ecu. He changed wheel to 12-1 then the sensor could reed the missing tooth and spark was found. So next I'll test different crank sensor.
  7. I have access to scope, because had to by my own one. I'll check the crank sensor signal soon. I have cranked it with and without plugs and no difference. I'll get back to you...
  8. Finally got the scope. With ignition test pulses are good and continuous without any errors. When I crank engine it only gives pulse rarely. But when pulse comes It looks good. Any ideas?
  9. Didn't got the scope, but hopefully next weekend. But I made a test. Disconnected trigger, ignition test on and cranked the engine. Spark was good, so there isn't any problems with voltage... I'm starting to think that there is some issues with the box itself... But scope will tell the truth when I get one
  10. This one have internal igniter (http://www.finjector.com/verkkokauppa/eng/bosch_hukkakipinapuola_paateasteella_4_syl_ei_tarvita_erillista_vahvistinta_bosch_0986221048-p-32691-42/) so thats not the problem. I'll borrow scope tomorrow, so I can test ignition channels while cranking
  11. It's cosworth yb engine.. Actually injection mode should have been off, so my mistake... I'm using vag wastedspark coil the same one that KMS uses. There was around 10v when cranking and that should be enough.
  12. OK... Some testing. I had that trig2 sync on so that's why didn't have any engine speed. Now that part is ok. Thanks for that. Still haven't got spark. There might be one spark when I start cranking, nothing else... With ignition test spark is great, so I still have some issues with my software? Here is my pcl and log file while cranking. startti.pcl starttii.llg
  13. Thanks for answers. I'm not using trig2, so I'll check that. I think the sensor is that 1gt101. I'll get back to you later...
  14. Just tried to fire up my engine with Vipec V44. Got 36-1 in crank with honeywell hall sensor. I can't get engine speed. When rotating engine with starter Trigger1 signal goes to YES and aux1 which is fuelpump relay pulls up allso. No trigger errors at all. Tried another new hall sensor, but didn't help. Is the problem caused by bad trigger signal although there aren't any trigger errors counted? Have to find a scope from somewhere, but any ideas?
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