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  1. Any updates to any of this?
  2. Just a heads up, I use an Evo 8 fan controller to PWM my waterpump on my evo. Cheap option if that's what you are looking for
  3. So it seems that the problem is the ecu is looking for a rate of change in the crank signal to calculate the missing teeth and it is misinterpreting that as the engine slows during during a compression stroke. I am having the same problem with my 900 rotax engine in my Can am X3. RPM skyrockets/erratic during cranking and tosses trigger errors in 1/2/4 trig error increments, which seems to correlate to the longest space between non missing teeth and the actual missing teeth. I want to make this a pnp option for the X3 community so modifying triggers is out of the question at the current moment. My machine is pretty much brand new with a new battery and cranking is very reasonable. Im curious which ecu you chose Race Jase.
  4. I talked to link support and they wanted me to load a completely different trigger into the ecu, store, and then reload the multi-tooth trigger. When I did that we now get a 4 stroke spark pattern but the ecu wants to fire the coil twice and the trigger offset is still way off from normal. We now get 2 sparks, one directly on the TDC and one about 90* off using 355* as the trigger offset, Put trigger offset to -5 it fires once on the TDC mark. I loaded a completely stock base map and imported all the important things to help it start. Same operation as before. Here is the trigger scope and tune file. Mitsubishi EVO 4-8 w Ethrottle G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr Trigger Scope Log 2017-09-11 12;05;10 pm.llg
  5. I just put a mark on the crank damper for TDC and went to each coil. Number 1 fires right at TDC ^, 4 fires 180* out, 3 fires 90* >, and 2 fires 90* the other way <.
  6. USDM evos don't have anything running into pin 20 but 32 and 34 and been crimped together into the XS loom. 34 was depinned from the harness and we crimped 32 to coil trigger. Interesting to see that this car wants a different trigger edge and moving it 360* does not have it fire at the same angle. I have setup around 5 evos with the 12 tooth on 9s and 8s and they always hit that 58* mark and even on my Fury with sequential fire is 58*.
  7. We are using a sequential ignition kit on an evo we have in our shop. This exact kit we run on our shop evo with a fury with the same settings. The car is running a 12 tooth trigger with 1 tooth cut off the cam trigger. We configured that identical to all the other evos running this 12 tooth and the timing light was way off. Trigger offset is normally 58* but this car wanted 145* to hit the mark with a light. So maybe it was 360* out.... I went to -215* and it didn't show on the damper... Put it back to 145* and we put the timing light on #4 which should give us an identical timing mark but we cant even see the TDC mark on the crank gear. We configured the ecu to use AUX IGN 3/4 to control 3 and 4. The coils all fire when cranking and they match up in the ign test to the configured coil. Something is for sure wrong in this ecu's firmware(it was updated) or something in the control of the Aux IGN outputs. Need to get this figured out asap as installing this IGN1A ignition kit in sequential fire is involved.
  8. Jwhalen07

    Launch problems

    I can help you out. I carry this same strategy into all the cars I tune and it works really well. Here is a little revision i did to make it simple to adjust for ya. Flanders map.rev1.pclr
  9. Jwhalen07

    Launch problems

    I use fuel cut to keep the head gasket in tact as well an not denting my camshaft lobes. With proper ign retard you can have pretty similar results that are much safer in my opinion. That erratic ign timing is def a problem. I can help setup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_taQNmDW6c
  10. I just added a KMS>EGT CAN devise to CAN channel 1 which is transmitting data to my AIM dash. When I configure it and hit apply both devises will work just fine. If I power cycle I get transmit and receive errors as well as a stuff error and bit dominant error. If I unplug the KMS devise and power cycle, the dash will work and then I plug in the KMS devise and the EGT will work. Must be something goofy happening with the key on. Its a race car with a simple switch to power on the ecu and the ecu triggers relays for power distribution. I have gotten it to work while power cycling but 9 times out of 10 it will error out and kill the CAN to the dash. Any advise here.
  11. Hey guys, Working on a Kurofune install in an Evo x and having some problems. I am setup to use the Evo X trigger. Trigger scope shows a clean 36-2-1 trigger pattern and a clean Cam edge. Cranking the car with a timing light and spark plug I get very close to target ignition timing between the pulley and the timing mark. Engine runs fine on the stock ecu. I can test all the coils and injectors and they line up with the designated coil(1-2-3-4) I have attach a trigger scope and a cranking log to take a look. It sounds like it fires fine on number 1 but acts up on the other cylinders. Almost like firing order is incorrect and I actually have tried other firing orders than the 1-3-4-2 firing order with no luck. Anyone have any insight into what I can do here? Seems like Link Tech support is very busy right now. Called a couple days ago and left a message with no return phone call. Trigger Scope Log 2017-04-26 3;23;58 pm.llg Log 2017-04-26 3;59;53 pm.llg
  12. I just did a Flex fuel and fuel pressure based model calibration of an evo 9. Pretty interesting to see that fuel pressure differential on pump gas E10 was 45psi and on E65 it moved up to 50psi. This obviously made the low pulsewidth areas require some changing between the two fuel tables. I'm sure a bigger fuel return could help this a little, but it could also easily be fixed by having a 4D table that modified injector PW based on FP differential. This is also a multi fuel pump setup and I did manage to make the transition very smooth when the 2nd pump kicks on, but having fuel pressure move with the 2nd pump kicks on it a real possibility and this would allow for even finer and precise fuel model. This car is running ID2000s with twin walbro 450s and both are rewired to the battery.
  13. Jwhalen07

    Evo X Pnp

    Anything I can do to help, please let me know!
  14. We completed our first evo 8 pnp here at the shop on a car we built. Its a 2.0L 4g63 with oliver rods and wiseco HD pistons mated to our head with GSC s3 cams. T4 TS S364.5 SXE turbo with FIC 2150cc injectors and a Walbro 450 pump. We ran about 33psi to achieve the numbers. The ecu is awesome. Setup knock control, oil pressure safety, coolant temp safety(which already saved the car! The new fan took a crap on him when he was out for a cruise and hit the 225* 500rpm rev limit!!!). Here is a vid with dyno sheet at the end.
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