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  1. Thanks Adam which of the 2 would be the better system? I think I’m better going with canbus lambda over the analog type?
  2. I’ll upload it when I get a chance cj, I’m away with work and won’t get near the car or laptop to do it.
  3. I’m just curious if I could run the Zeitronic CAN Bus ZT-3 on my link ecu? Or is the Link’s own Canbus lambda my only option? The Ecu is a p&p altezza link G4+ Thanks
  4. So I've managed to get the car to start up and idle but as soon as I press the throttle it wont take the gas at all and nearly stalls. I've tried to calibrate the E throttle but it says error 16?? Have the log attached of the car running JZX110 link altezza ecu log.llg
  5. It will be a few days before I’m near the car again to check that. I’ll let you know as soon as I can. I appreciate all your help mate. Cheers
  6. I’ll change the fuelling to 8ms and see how that goes. I’ll recheck the wiring. Would the polarity of the relay for the E Throttle on Aux 2 affect my E Throttle?
  7. Hi CJ Injectors are Denso 570cc and it's just normal pump gas. do I have to enter the cc of the injectors into the ecu? when the car runs it does run very very rich. I have calibrated the E Throttle serval times. Ive it wired like this Aux4 is throttle control motor- Aux9 is throttle control motor+ Aux2 is throttle control motor clutch - TPS main is to AN VOLT 6 TPS sub is to AN VOLT 5 APS main is to AN Volt 3 APS sub is to AN Volt 2
  8. So I've got the car to fire up, just about. doesn't run great and it isn't taking throttle at all really. press the accelerator to the floor and it doesn't rev at all. I've attached a log file as asked. Also noticed when I press the brake pedal the engine fan comes on? Thanks JZX110 Log File.llg
  9. Hi Adam the RPM doesn’t change when cranking, it’s just as shown. Should this move when cranking? I thought I had the trigger offset set at 200 but I’ll set it to that and fix the other things and try start it. I’ll upload a log if I have no luck thanks Hi CJ yes I had calibrated the E throttle. But I’ll go through it again and fix the other issues you’ve high light and see how it goes. will up load the log later if have no joy getting it to start thanks
  10. Hi all So basically I've repined my jzx110 to run the link p&p altezza ecu and I'm looking to get the car to start up. I tried to get it to run but it wont fire up. I'm sure I've missed a few things when trying to configure the ecu so I've attached the base map that I'm using hoping someone can have a look at it and point me in the right direction where I'm going wrong Cheers Toyota Mark II JZX110 1JZ VVTI.pclr
  11. thanks for the reply jmp I'll have to look into that. It would be handy if it did save me some Aux outputs. I'm just going thru wiring diagrams at the minute to see what exactly I have to swap about. I know the jz runs the injectors in batched sequences. so would I be right in thinking I'll have to repin the link ecu so I'm only using 3 of the 4 injectors out puts on it for the 1jz? Hi Brad Thanks for your reply. How did you get around the issue of running out of I/O for the stepper motor? the engine I will be running is the non vvti 1jz. I would have thought I'll be freeing up some outputs on the link ecu by not running the vvti like I did on the beams engine.
  12. Hi guys So basically I had turbo'd my 3sge altezza and had it mapped on the Link altezza plug-in ecu. I've since decided to fit a 1jz now (currently in the middle of doing this)and I want to know if I can rewire my Altezza G4+ plug-in to run the 1jz? Would it be possible to re-pin the jz loom back into the ecu plug on Altezza loom? As I would like to try keep the dash functional. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys Thanks
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