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  1. Volvo 5 Cyl Turbo, 2.3Ltr. 20V white Engine with a G4 extreme Red ECU. Stock 60 - 2 Trigger System on Flywheel with reluctor Sensor, Trigger 2 / Sync with stock Hall Sensor on Camshaft. 5 Coil on Plug. Made the first Test Drives and got Trigger Error Counts, always in the same rpm range between 4300 - 5500 rpm. When the errors occur the car hesitates / eventually missfires and then revs clean up to 6200 rpm. We tried a few different Trigger 1 Arming Thresholds in the 4000 - 6000 rpm range with no luck. Which Arming Thresholds do you recommend? Any other suggestions regarding the Trigger Error? Thank you Marc Log:
  2. Mustang

    Big Block Chevy MSD locked Distributor Trigger setup

    Simon, Adam, Thank you for the advice.
  3. Have to install a Atom G4+ Ecu on a Big Block Chevy with MSD locked Distributor, reluctor Trigger inside Distributor. What is the correct Trigger setup to avoid kick back at starting and to have correct rotor phasing? Do i have to use an adjustable MSD Rotor? Thank you Marc
  4. Mustang

    2002 Subaru WRX Stock MAP Sensor Data

    Adam, Thanks for your answer. Sorry, it is 168kpa absolut or 68kpa gauge pressure. Strange thing is that up to 168kpa absolut the MAP Sensor, my Boost Gauge and the Link Gauge reading is the same / correct. Found it out at the first test run with 200kpa absolut / 100kpa gauge boost and the Link gauges are reading only 168kpa absolut / 68kpa gauge. 200kpa absolut boost = 168kpa asolut MAP Link Gauge reding To confirm the boost reading i have a calibrated Boost pressure Gauge installed. installed a GM 3bar absolut MAP Sensor now, everthing is ok.
  5. Mustang

    2002 Subaru WRX Stock MAP Sensor Data

    European 2002 Subaru WRX with Link V7 - 9 plug n play ECU. Stock Denso Map Sensor, Part Number 22627AA170. I use MAP Sensor Calibration V7 - 8, calibrate the Sensor several times, BAP and MAP Sensor readings at ambient pressure are the same, around 101kpa. Connect the Map Sensor to my Vac / Handpressure pump and add pressure in 10kpa increments to the MAP Sensor. Sensor reads up to 168kpa @ 3.3 V correct, above 168kpa pressure the Sensor won´t change it´s output, stays at 3.3V. Can´t find any Data for this Map sensor, i think the MAP Sensor is faulty? Anyone with correct Data for this MAP Sensor? Thank you Marc
  6. Mustang

    Subaru Impreza WRX 02 - 05 ECU female Pins

    Thank you Adam. Marc
  7. i installed a Subaru WRXLink (7 - 9 ) 02 - 05, plug n play ECU and need a few female Pins for the stock ECU connector. I can´t get / find them here in Germany. Who knows a stocking Shop or can deliver? Prefer delivery from a Shop in Europe. Thank you Marc WRXLink (7-9) - #WRX9+
  8. Mustang

    Subaru Impreza WRX 2001

    Simon, Thanks for your answer. That´s the Info i was looking for. Tacho is working now on Ign 5. Anything else changed in the Pinout i have to look for? @ Clint: appreciate your knowledge & advise. I am German, so i think my English is not clear enough to discribe what i want to know. I found out that the supplied Pinout / Base Map - at least for the Tacho Setup - is not correct, so i asked. Just for your Info, i am working on Race Cars for 40 years now, with Motronic & programmable Ecu´s since 1986. I am well aware that most of the Users are not able to read Manuals. Marc
  9. Mustang

    Subaru Impreza WRX 2001

    just installed a WRXLink ( 7 - 9 ) plug in ecu in a 2001 build European Impreza WRX, non VVT 2.0 Liter engine. Need the Auxillary Outputs Pinout or a Base Map for this Modell please. Engine starts, no Tacho. Thank you Marc
  10. Mustang

    Link G4+ final Injection Time Calculation

    Thank you Clint.
  11. Hi, for a better understanding of the Link i want to know how ECU calculates the final Injection Time in mS. Thanks. Mark
  12. Hi, I have a BMW M3 with a S14 2.0 Ltr.engine, known as the Italian S14 engine, stock Itb´s, 12:1 Comp. ratio, 304° / 296° Cams, racing only. Changed from another ecu manufactorer to a Link Atom 2 ecu. Engine was running until now in Alpha / N mode. from the Link Help file : "Link G4+ ECUs has a very powerful method of tuning engines with multi-throttle or long overlap cams." Is it worth using the above tuning method? Any experience from user with similar engines? Thanks Marc @ Adamw / Tech Support, no experience in running your Tuning Method ?
  13. Mustang

    Mini 1275 with Single Point Injection

    Hi, i have to use the stock Mini Single Point Injection, ECU is G4+ Atom II. Is it possible to use / fire one 1.5 Ohm Single Point Injector with a Resistor? Marc
  14. Mustang

    MSD 6 Digital Dwell setting

    Thank you Adam. Marc
  15. Mustang

    MSD 6 Digital Dwell setting

    Hi, G4+ Atom 2 Ecu, Big Block Chevy V8 engine with locked Distributor, reluctor Trigger and MSD 6 Digital Ign Box. Engine runs, no issues, set all Dwell Values 3 ms. Just want to know what is the correct Dwell setting for the MSD 6 Box? Thanks Marc